Queer And Trans Caucus Meeting Minutes - November 13, 2011

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Queer & Trans Caucus Mtg 11/15

1. Discussion of John's Harassment/Assault Situation

2. Trans Day of Remembrance Vigil / March

3. Economic Justice Discussion Thread

4. Supportive Space Signs

5. Nov 19th Summit

6. Tents/Weatherization/Removal of Folks

7. Houseless/Allies Group

8. Angela's Birthday:)

1. Discussion of John's Harassment/Assault Situation

A few weeks ago, John was harassed/threatened ("faggot") then assaulted by a man who was being removed from camp by a "rainbow block". The man was seen at camp a few days after; not sure if he still is. John wrote a statement that he read at the meeting (John, please email to list). Police are seen as "last resort", so we need to have other resorts! Issue is particularly complex because John is white and assaulter is black. Action steps:

  • John will print out several copies of the statement.
  • Jean will draft a letter of support for John from this group.
  • Asking safety/ logistics/community wellness to participate in broader conversation about community accountability @ OB
  • This week, likely Sunday evening, we'll approach safety, logistics, and community wellness reps as a group and deliver letters
  • John and Angela get in touch w/ Rachel P. from logistics/ wellness about it in advance

2. Trans Day of Remembrance Vigil / March This week is Trans Awareness Week. There are daily events all week that you want to check out! This Sunday is the Trans Day of Remembrance. The large vigil starts at:

4 pm, Cathedral of St Paul, 138 Tremont St (at Park St T stop), Boston 

Our annual observance, with inspirational speakers, community SpeakOut, candlelight vigil, and hot apple cider, hot food and camaraderie afterwards.

We're hosting a Trans Awareness Workshop @ 2pm at OB, followed by march to vigil Reed is bottomlining, with help from Andy. Looking for trans folks to help facilitate workshop.

Flier and FB event will be on its way soon! Let's make this BIG! Interesting article: How to Make OWS more trans inclusive Plus, PRIVILEGE FAQ from Transformative Justice Project

3. Economic Justice Discussion Thread & Trans Economic Justice

Elizabeth has offered to start convos about LGBTQ folks and economic justice! We'd like these convos to begin on email threads with this group, and "anything profound" can go on the wiki page, perhaps without reference to the individual commenter.

Talked about trans folks and economic justice issues.

Here's an interesting links! The Root: Black and Transgender, A Double Burden


Please print them and have them everywhere at OB this week!!!

4. Supportive Space Signs Angela will check in about accessing our working group fund in order to print and laminate signs. Will send final draft out for approval

5. Nov 19th Summit (Check out the flier here)

Occupy Boston Summit

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2pm-6pm Josiah Quincy School

885 Washington St, Chinatown (map)

Would like us to have strong representation there-- should be an important event!

6. Tents/Weatherization/Removal of Folks Census process

  • Tents maybe being shuffled. Tents on side and plaza being taken down. People being removed (limited space...)
  • There's a census process going on, asking camp residents to fill out series of ?s
  • John is protesting it because he doesn't like the content (eg. "Do you feel like you contribute to OB?")
  • John and Angela will ask Census folks to add (in no particular order):
  • Will you commit to making your tent a supportive space (including posting a sign):

for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people? people of color? women?

  • We think it's messed up if they're resistant to doing that.

7. Houseless/Allies Group

Angela will fwd us email about it. They are seeking to raise awareness and counter bias/prejudice against houseless folks. Ensure that the removal process is compassionate. Ann C, would JTI (join the impact) be able to have a representative at this working group?

8. Angela's Birthday is Today!!! Happy Birthday!!!

This is a big weekend, see yall there! ~Reed