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Forest –overview of what the ideas group is—not decision makers, but aiming to create times and spaces for discussion *Want to create the right structures that would allow people to start initiatives on their own-working groups, task forces. *We don’t talk about ideas, we talk about facilitating discussion.

Marty—Tonight’s discussion-- experiment with open space *The premise is that everyone has something to bring to the table--whoever comes, are the right people, whatever happens is the only thing that could have, when it starts is the right time, when its over its over. loosely structure topics, then invite you all to prompt discussion *“Law of two feet” –don’t like the discussion, must use their feet to move to a more productive place. Invite a stack system, Introduce the three points of discussion and then start--this meeting has three themes—overall strategy for occupy boston, specific actions and tactics, addressing the growing divisions in our movement/promoting Unity in our movement.

Forest—This is also in regards to online offline, onsite, offsite, seeing and doing divides.

Marty—Introduction of marker and paper, idea of stepping into different spots for discussion

((Interruption))—Announcement about stolen green fly and orange footprint of tent, camper traveling from Canada—contact info at Logistics.

((Interruption))—Man talking about Mitt Romney, fall river, paper clips on the poor’s teeth(?) Want to organize a “strike team” about this.

Duncan—Want to discuss shift from old paradigm to new paradigm ((distinguished location for small discussion))

Oryan (sp?) – Want to have a discussion on unity – functionally—look at spokes-council model @ occupy wall street—could talk more broadly about this—discussion on functional unity

((distinguished location for small discussion))

Chris – Marching to the school board meeting and protesting the closing of schools –connect with more local issues—especially poor working class and communities of color—local issues action ((distinguished location for small discussion))

Individual –talk about the camp itself to increase communication—to help us all get along a little better—((went to oryans group with functional unity))

Tom – in the labor working group—forming more practical links with labor groups—interested in occupy oakland resolution supporting the occupation of foreclosed properties—may fit in with local issues, fits in with anti-oppression ((opted to join local issue group)) Forest—temp check to see if everyone had a group they wanted to meet with—looked good

            ((Individual Discussion groups:

             Group 1– old paradigm/new paradigm

             Group 2—functional unity

              Group 3– local issue action))

Individual – has anybody planned for thanksgiving— Marty—Point of information-- we are invited to the American Indian national day of mourning—more info available….Remember the law of two feet – move freely!

((Small group discussions split off ))


((Small group discussions report back))

Two Individuals representing Group 3 - local issues Occupy the DOE success in NY—“it was beautiful” Defending foreclosures—we need to organize a working group around this—intent to come to GA on Sunday with a statement and proposal on it

((Point of Information)) – vida urbana Response– meeting with them on Monday--Occupy Oakland passed a res in their GA—we support the occupation of foreclosed properties—“if there are people without homes, there should not be homes without people”

POI – there is an existing listserv that sends out announcements – foreclosure defense Monday meetings

POI – SF has a service that is basically mass text message – we could use this



Local Issues & Actions Poster Notes:




Living wages/working conditions

MassUniting—Jason Stephany

GA Resolution in solidarity w/people facing foreclosure/bank action, encouraging such people to contact #OB-- #OB will join other orgs in mobilizing people to defend others in foreclosed homes

Ambassadors/Delegates from #OB to attend community meetings (like school committee meetings)

(mobilizations to such meetings, & mic-check to disrupt/make statement, joined by community members?)

Occupying public spaces/buildings (like public representatives/politicians offices) & opening them up for GA’s/consensus/true democracy—GA in city hall?

Walking picket lines getting involved in local labor issues

Occupying empty/foreclosed homes?

Phone # for emergency foreclosure assistance

Campaign for “vacancy tax” to prevent foreclosed homes from sitting vacant

Pressure on sheriff’s departments to keep them from enforcing evictions?

Work w/City Life but as broader coalition?

Old paradigm/New Paradigm Poster Notes (written as an idea map):

Old paradigm/New Paradigm

Working together

Emphasize commonality

Realization of collective consciousness


Everyone has a place

Greater awareness of interdependence

Cosmological shift

Finding a path of love

Forging tribes

Transformation of species

Come from the heart

Accelerated change

Occupations are manifestation machines

Better communication

People need to come to terms with change

Some people do not understand that humans are not inherently bad

Moving past domination

Moving towards cooperation

Different societies have different tendencies

Realizing our commonality

We’re all in this together

Big shift coming to a head

Inreach convincing each other of our common goals

Big picture common denominator

Human connections

Less value on work (“success”)

Unity Group Poster Notes:

UNITY… Functional groups

Campers Passive but concerned—mobilizable Web interactions—wiki, boards

Trying to come at key moments

Framework Moblize, make decisions

Non-hierarchical possible?

Passing things in GA—hard, now near impossible

Interactions with other occupy groups

Fragmentation “off-putting”

There is unity….Brendan

Spokesperson Perceived as fractioned—come out with mission

How could spokes-model aid long-distance participation?

Constellation & spokesperson model compatible

Frustration with communication/ability to get involved

Boycotts effective, Demands→success

Google groups

Laboratory for democracy

Not easy (external communications) → wiki Get mission statement → GA ideas process

Give options for how to get involved

Demoralized, no solution evident, keeps people away

Goal—open the discussion

Frag→ stay open & friendly

Reps to Philly, july 4, 2012

Not enough doers, no project managers….can’t just say this is broken…not democracy

Constellation? Model for social change

Consensus/new process is a demand

Problems only unify to a point