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Original Proposal Prepared by Philadelphia:

Regional General Assembly Ratified by Philly:

10/20/2011: Occupy Philly has approved our First Official Message that talks about national and international general assemblies. [[2]]

New York Working group (not ratified by NY GA):

preOct 20
Hello Occupy Everywhere team! This page is just a placeholder for now, but I said I'd get it up last night and then collapsed into bed and forgot. Sorry about that but here it is. Please delete this comment as soon as interesting stuff starts getting added. - Luke

[Is this Working Group in Collaboration with OWS et al?][not sure, but we started a googlegroup for occupyUS that's already got members from other countries. [[4]] this one is focused on logistics, and then there's the other national one that's focused on structuring a convention to meet in july. i can't find hte link, but will post here soon. if you're part of this working group, please tell people how to connect with you.]

Occupy Everywhere

Occupy Everywhere is a working group dedicated to creating new occupations. It was launched during the Evening GA of October 12, 2011.

-A suggestion came out of the Students Occupy group today that we talk to the appropriate parties about occupying the Cambridge Commons, which is interestingly enough where George Washington first gathered his troops during the American Revolutionary War... here's a [link to a map of public parks in Cambridge (the commons is #6) and the number to contact would be the Cambridge DPW at 617-349-4800. This would be an excellent location for an auxiliary camp because it is a simple trip on the red line between Harvard and Dewey Square and is public land. There is also talk of specific campus occupations ongoing, but expansion is becoming a higher priority with every day that passes as we may start losing potential members of this wonderful community to lack of space!

Quick note from Kat: I have a list of email addresses and stuff that was discussed at a "mini-meeting" on Thursday night (well before the 11 PM meeting). Do we have anybody who is coordinating email communication yet? If so, can I send you the addresses?
Stuff that was discussed:

  • should we think about perhaps looking into organizing a blood donation drive to take place in the plaza in front of Dewey Square?
  • list of places/organizations that either need help or could help us help people: soup kitchens, Rosie's Place, Pine St. Inn, religious centers
  • a suggestion to start occupying everywhere by focusing on one community, getting a presence established there, then moving on to the next. I believe that we were primarily discussing Roxbury as a good place to start, since Jamal from Blackstonian has offered some assistance getting in touch with community leaders there.

Feel free to shoot me a message here or at ............Rum............Caek.......[at]..........gmail.com. (remove all those periods) Thanks!

10/17/2011 I think that before focusing on expanding to small towns, the efforts are better spent towards the Occupy Everywhere cause to create CONNECTIONS and UNITY among all the large HUBS around the country NY, Bos, LA, Chicago etc. ALL should be broadcasting a consistent Statement of Purpose that should start at OWS and permeate throoughout the Occupy movements around the country. The media would have a field day with different statements of purpose and different declarations of occupation from each city. We will not be heard if we don't UNIFY.

Yet another note from Kat (10/18):
Hi, AnonymousObserver. You're raising some valid concerns here that I feel could be best addressed in an actual OE meeting, where it's far easier to communicate clearly than via Wiki. Perhaps you can make it to some of the meetings?

Based on: Occupy Everywhere at wikispaces

MassOccupy Minutes: http://occupyjp.org/Working%20Groups/Mass%20Occupy/MassOccupyMinutes/MassOccupyMinutes%2011-12-07.html