Climate Action, Sustainability, and Environmental Justice (CASEJ)

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This is the Climate Action, Sustainability, and Environmental Justice(CASEJ)' Working Group wiki page. This working group seeks to provide a space where members of the Occupy/99% Movement and their allies can come together to help create a more just and sustainable world, locally and globally.


Mission Statement

The Occupy Boston Climate Action, Sustainability and Environmental Justice (CASEJ) Working Group seeks to provide a space where members of the Occupy/99% Movement and their allies can come together to help create a more just and sustainable world, locally and globally. We will accomplish this goal by:

  • Educating ourselves and our communities about climate change and the environmental issues and creative solutions before us;
  • Building Diverse Alliances within and beyond the Occupy/99% Movement to increase our collective power; and
  • Taking Non-Violent Direct Action to confront the social, economic and political forces causing environmental injustice and highlight a new paradigm for life on earth, both human and non-human.

Contact US

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Current Campaigns

Occupy MBTA’s campaign for fair and affordable public transportation

Tar Sands Action: a national campaign against the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and more broadly opposing the extraction of crude oil from tar sands

Natural gas pipelines and Spectra Energy: A Houston-based company called Spectra Energy is looking into expanding an existing 1,120 mile pipeline to bring more natural gas from Pennsylvania and New York to Massachusetts.  Spectra Energy has a spotty track record and is already facing significant grassroots opposition to a new gas pipeline they’ve proposed that would cut through the densest parts of New York City and New Jersey.  The company received 17 citations for pipeline safety violations in 2011 and has spent over $5.5 million lobbying the federal government since 2007.   In 1989 their pipeline division was hit with a $15 million penalty – the largest in EPA history at the time – for discharging highly toxic PCBs at 89 sites along a 9,000 mile pipeline from Texas to New Jersey.  As of 2009 much of this contamination persisted in their pipeline system.

In addition, Spectra Energy’s proposed pipelines would spur an increase in fracking, a toxic gas drilling technique that is already poisoning the health and water of local communities all over the world, without doing anything to address the climate crisis.  A recent study from Stanford climatologist Ken Caldiera found that a large-scale shift from coal to gas would have a negligible impact on global temperatures.

Massachusetts needs truly sustainable zero-carbon solutions, not dangerous half-measures driven by irresponsible fossil fuel corporations. 

Actions and Events


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January 26th, 2013

ONE (Occupy New England) and 350 New England are hosting a day of regional action for the environment in Portland Maine! Topics on the table include: fracking in the Pioneer Valley; the Northern Pass project; the Vermont Yankee power plant; and, of course, the infamous Trailbreaker tar sands pipeline! After the rally, we will be meeting to discuss this year’s events. For more info or Bus info check out the Occupy Boston announce or 350MA site.

10 Wicked Awesome Things You Can Do Now


Our Process

Passed Proposals

... that relate to our mission

Recently passed ["Call to Action"] about egregious corporate assault on the environment.

On February 4, 2012, members of CASEJ brought the following proposal to the Occupy Boston General Assembly, which was passed by consensus.  See also

The below proposal reached agreement at OB General Assembly, on February 4, 2012.

Fossil fuel and nuclear corporations are some of the wealthiest interests on the planet – yet they still suck up billions of dollars in government subsidies. They buy off elected officials and corrupt our political process while sticking us – the 99% – with the bill for the health, ecological and climate destruction they cause. Their coal, oil, gas and nukes fuel our unjust economic systems, imperil our planetary future and prevent us from shifting to a clean energy economy of, by and for the people.

Occupy Boston therefore calls for:

  • An end to all government subsidies to fossil fuel and nuclear energy interests;
  • An end to corporate influence, including energy industry influence, on politics;
  • Immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations to below the safe atmospheric threshold of 350 parts per million CO2e; starting with the rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline;
  • A just transition for workers currently employed in fossil fuel and nuclear energy sectors to sustainable employment.

We pledge to make personal and group choices that support these aims.

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Links and Articles of Interest

The Case for Carbon Fee and Dividend provides an overview of the economic rationale for why we need to put a tax on the carbon in fossil fuels in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change. It presents a specific policy proposal called Carbon Fee and Dividend which would achieve gradually increasing costs for fossil fuels while shielding low income households from rising energy costs. It explains how implementation of this policy would stimulate economic growth to help undo the effects of the Great Recession.

CCL Boston Resource Library provides a collection of useful links to articles that help explain different dimensions of the problem of climate change focused primarily on economic and policy issues rather than the science.

grist is a website that provides environmental and sustainability news and policy analysis.

Climate Progress, a blog with up to date, informative articles on climate and energy