WG/Facilitation/Minutes/1 Nov 2011

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senior at harvard studying sock

esp claims about them, the claims that are made, anyhow member understand them

consensus in particular


greg -- on Finance


announcement on Paul/Sydney; mediation has happened, there has been an agreement and press release

he did what we wanted,

1.closed acct

2.dissolved DBA

3.mailed IRS to cancel the employee number

now we're announcing; he may want to speak?





discuss paul

            ask if we want to speak


(interrupt for Introductions)


back to agenda items:


discuss paul

proposal: reverse order of group discussion

our proposal for tonight


picking facilitation roles





discussing paul:



the announcement will be one of the first things on the agenda

mike: concern that Paul is on the premises?

will: indiv stack?

daniel: tried that last time….

jorge: wg stack/indiv stack?

daniel: tried that last time…



ren: you should have check ins to minimize the impact of this one person…

will: that was a problem last time

CT: consider the metafacilitator; it's not app for a GA to have to address this

            shouting match

allison describes rev attempts to de escalate

daniel: metafacilitator?

will: waste of time to talk about this

h2: don't forget to address their concerns!

  • mike sums up*

allison: why are they even announcing?

daniel: they…they just are.

mike: the problem is when process is overwhelmed by reactions.

so what do we do?

CT: couple options; we could set up an advocate or committee of some kind

or say "it should be taken up at the next public finance committee"


mike: so, we would let them announce w/o pre-emption and then say that the finance committee can have a public meeting later to deal with this…

daniel: facilitators should remind ppl that they should disc finance issues at their mtg

finance should be sure to announce their mtg

mike: okay, so they're set. next!



proposal: reverse clarifying Q's and group discussions

mike clarifies the proposal

CT: remember, GA is for content, and this mtg is for process.

h2: is there an evaluation at the end?

will: we need feeling checks!

mike: we would…in warmer weather…

allison: we needs rituals

-->back to consensus; the proposal is PASSED!!!!



next: discussing our proposal for tonight


allison: we used to address concerns to ppl before going on;

propose that we do that before amendments!

mike: so if you give a proposal and I have a concern, you would turn around and list them?

allison: yes but first we would collect them into a list and recap them


so proposal, groups, conc, sup, recap concerns, THEN amendments?


discussion about reciting concerns: the proposer will recap concerns

at least tonight, the FWG proposer will recap concerns before amendments


proposals PASSED!




picking roles:


Co-Facilitators:         Matt/Ethan H

Floor Aide:                 Melinda, Jorge

Timekeeper:              Crowdmember

Process Aide            Mike/Jorge

Stack:                         H2      

SIte/Vibe:                   Eden

Clerk:                          Me if Needed