WG/Facilitation/Minutes/23 Oct 2011

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How to achieve consensus of achieving consensus


suggestion to ask for a temp check on autonomous action versus GA consensus



suggestion to put up a board with proposed proposals, separate from stack!

            is there a way to take stack ahead of time?

            no, not a way to do that yet.


transparency WG is working on sharing INFO

they meet at some time in some place?




figure out a way to NOT waste time at GAs


come up with a set procedure for proposing proposals

it should not change!

for example:


Reading Pro

  • discuss in groups*






  • time to reconsider*

reread Pro

go through 2 - 6 as needed


            75% is it principled?

            10% should it pass?

                        Block Pass or Fail

  • ask for consensus*

Proposal Pass or Fail



define consensus in the WG


clarify that we should propose This is the Process as it is For Now



Picking Roles:


Main Facilitator