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Schedule of Events (at Sacred Space meditation tent, unless otherwise noted)

To schedule workshops/ceremonies/etc., please contact [mailto:occupybostonspirituality occupybostonspirituality occupybostonspirituality]

*Open group meditation/prayer time is scheduled by default for each day 9a - 10a and 9p - 11p, unless these time slots are required by someone else who can't use another spot.
Note to admins: do not make piecemeal changes to this document. Cut and past from document on facebook group!

Tues 11/29
12 pm Faith and Spirituality Working Group Meeting

Weds 11/30
11:30am: Heart Drawing with Chalk with Laura Evonne Steinman
6:00pm: Working group meeting
10pm : labyrinth drawing with Chalk and walking with Laura Evonne Steinman

Thur 12/1

Friday 12/2
7:00-7:30pm Chanting with Kenwood
7:30-8:00pm Hand drum lesson with Kenwood

Saturday 12/3
12:00 pm: Working group meeting

Sunday 12/4
12:00 pm: Working group meeting

Monday 12/5

Tuesday 12/6
12:00pm: Working group meeting

Wednesday 12/7
6:00pm: Working group meeting

Thursday 12/8

Friday 12/9

Based on: Faith and Spirituality - Schedule of Events at wikispaces