General Strike and Convergence

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MayDay Media Roundup pictures and links to coverage.

Occupy May First - A Day Without the 99%

On May 1st Occupy Boston calls on the 99% to strike, skip work, walk out of school, and refrain from shopping, banking & business for a day without the 99%. 

No work.

Take the day off. Strike. Call out sick. Small businesses are encouraged to close for the day and join the rest of the 99% in the streets. If you must work - don’t worry - there are actions planned throughout all hours of the day.

No school.

Walk out of class. Occupy the universities. Kick out the administration. Participate in student strike actions or plan your own. It’s your future. Own it. 

Block the flow.

In the early hours on May 1st, the 99% will converge on Boston’s financial district for a full day of direct action. The “Financial District Block Party” will start at 7:00 am on the corner of Federal Street & Franklin Street in downtown Boston. Banks and corporations are strongly encouraged to close down for the day. 

Be the crisis.

We ask the 99% to organize in their own neighborhoods, schools, and local centers of commerce. Communities, organizations, workplaces and families are encouraged to organize actions in whatever manner feels comfortable. Picket a "too big to fail" bank in your area. Hold a protest picnic in your town square. You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

Everyone to the streets!

We call upon all of the 99% to join in this day of action to demand an end to corporate rule and a shift of power to the people. No work. No school. No chores. No shopping. No banking. Lets show the 1% that we have the power. Lets show the world a day without the 99%.

May Day Schedule of Actions

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


7:00 AM – Financial District Block Party - Meet at the intersection of Federal & Franklin Streets in downtown Boston.

11:00 AM – Anti-Capitalist March from Copley Square to City Hall Plaza

12:00 NOON – May Day rally at Boston City Hall Plaza / Government Center

2:00 PM – Mayo Primero solidarity march from Chelsea City Hall to Everett

2:30 PM – Mayo Primero solidarity march from LoPresti Park in East Boston to Everett

4:00 PM – Everett May Day Rally at Glendale Park

7:00 PM –  Gathering at Copley Square Park for the Death of Capitalism Street Theater Funeral Procession - Participate as a mourner (dress in black), a celebrator  (wear neon/bright colors/glow stuff) or be part of the skeleton block

8:00 PM – Death of Capitalism Street Theater Funeral Procession leaves from Copley Square Park and travels through areas of wealth and commerce. 

For  more info:

Financial District Block Party (facebook page)

"Death of Capitalism" Funeral Procession (facebook page)

Boston May Day Coalition

Occupy May First – General Strike!

6 Ways to Get Ready for the May 1stGeneral Strike

Occupy Boston General Assembly passed the following resolution on January 7, 2012:

Occupy Boston supports the call for an international general strike on May 1, 2012, for immigrant rights, environmental sustainability, a moratorium on foreclosures, an end to all wars and jobs for all. We recognize housing, education, healthcare, LGBT rights and racial equality as human rights and thus call for the building of a broad coalition that will ensure and promote a democratic standard of living for all peoples. 


Thursdays  5:15 - 6:45pm at Encuentro5 (e5) located on the 5th floor at 33 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA, 02111. 

Send questions, comments or concerns to Join our Facebook group!