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Occupy Boston Good Neighbor Agreement
Ratified by morning GA Nov 1, 2011.

Our presence in Dewey Square, as individuals, as a community and as a movement, signifies an implicit agreement to this Good Neighbor Agreement. By choosing to occupy Dewey Square, we agree to adhere to the following principles:

  • We agree to abstain from drugs and alcohol while in camp.
  • We agree to a zero tolerance policy for violence or verbal abuse toward anyone. We agree to attempt to diffuse and de-escalate all conflict verbally.
  • We agree to a zero tolerance policy for abuse of personal or public property.
  • We agree to take care of ourselves and one another.
    • This means that we agree to participate in the work of our community, according to individual ability to do so.
    • This means that we agree not to work in Safety, Medical, Food, Community Wellness, Logistics or other working groups when we are too tired, angry, sick or intoxicated to be effective.
    • This means that we agree to take breaks from Dewey Square, whether for 10 minutes or 2 days, in order to stay warm, dry and healthy.
    • This means that we recognize that news travels fast and that bad information can be dangerous to our safety. Therefore, we agree not to repeat unreliable information whenever possible.
  • We agree to consider seriously as individual animal caregivers whether the presence of our animals in camp endangers the safety of those animals and/or the OB community.</li>
  • We agree to keep camp clean. This includes picking up after ourselves (cigarette butts too) and pitching in communally.
  • We agree, as individuals, not to occupy Dewey Square if we cannot abide by the Good Neighbor Agreement.
  • We agree to hold ourselves and each other accountable for these agreements. We, as members of the Occupy Boston community, agree to this Good Neighbor Agreement with the understanding that we have a responsibility to one another--and to the nationwide and global Occupy movement--to protect and respect our space and each other.