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This page is for instructions and files for printing graphics like stickers, posters, t-shirts, and more.


Here are files developed for creating buttons:

1000 buttons (1 1/4" diameter) were ordered with a mix of these designs on them and delivered to Logistics on October 18. The buttons were ordered from (located in Quincy, MA!). Cost for 1000 buttons, plus priority shipping, was $275 ($10 for shipping), meaning 27.5 cents per button. Order was placed on weekend of October 8, proofs reviewed on Oct 12, and order received on Oct. 17.


Community Generated Posters:


How To Print Your Own Stickers

  1. Download this PDF file to get the template: [stickersboston.pdf
  2. Buy 2 1/2" diameter round labels. The ID number for the stickers is: Avery #5294 or Maco ML-1225. Uline makes labels that are the same format and so does The Paper Source.
  3. Go to FedEx/Kinkos and have the staff print it for you. Ask for a test print first, and make sure you tell them to NOT scale the image. If you have to leave the job there, make sure they put the instructions about scale into their system! If the person who takes your order is not the person who prints it, they may not handle the scaling properly. If, when you pick up the final job, it has NOT been scaled properly, point this out. They should not charge you for a misprinted job.
    1. DO NOT use the self-service machines. These machines automatically scale the document and you cannot stop it. This is bad!
    2. The ink on Staple's self-service machines does not adhere properly, either. Their color copier did not properly align the results.

NOTE: You can try printing them on your own printer, but I've had mediocre to terrible results with the ink not sticking well, and then smearing ALL OVER later sheets and the insides of the printer. So, do a test print or two first before printing dozens.

Printing in the past being coordinated by me, Jfeathersmith 21:56, 13 December 2011 (EST). If you have questions, you can contact me through the wiki or on Twitter. (I have 2 boxes of blank stickers - that's 2400 more stickers! - that I can print as they are needed. Or they can be used for other designs appropriate for round stickers.)