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So I'm whiteboarding something that would help us organize ideas and discussions. Let me idea-vomit at you for a few paragraphs.

Essentially, you create a database of propositions or proposals by pulling together elements from a database. For example: "Cap and Trade can be an effective policy instrument for some kinds of pollution."

[Cap and Trade - thing] | [can be - state of being] | [effective - thing modifier] | [Policy Instrument - category of thing] | [related to] | [pollution - thing flagged as a problem]

So if you were to click on "Cap and trade" you would see a definition, wikipedia link, propositions related to it, etc. Creating a proposition or proposal would be done by piecing together these "parts of speech" or "parts" through some kind of grammar.

Interfaces to add things like "The federal reserve" or "Oppression" and "thing modifiers" like "effective" "not worthwhile" would need to be simple for users. States of being can be preset. A discussion system with voting and open comments could facilitate the creation of the "master discussion".

I think we need something like this to get real consensus. Let me know if you have ideas or are interested.

Based on: Improved Online Collaboration for Long Term Sustainability of The Conversation at wikispaces