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Info WG Statement Of Purpose / Mission Statement

Info serves in two important aspects of the “Occupy” movement, firstly in the dissemination of information about “Occupy” and it's related activities to both the public and internally by: (1) Having a presence at OB events (2) Connecting WGs through an interactive CommHub (3)Hosting monthly “Open Houses”

Secondly, in connecting with other Occupations through both internet and conference calls (sometimes even in person!) to advance the movement;

(1) To transmit official GA to GA communications (2) To connect people from OB to the rest of the Occupy movement (3) To promote conference calls within OB (4) To outreach to other occupations (5) To promote services within OB

Please contact to join the effort.

Our meetings are every Wednesday 5:30 - 7pm at United for a Fair Economy (29 Winter St., Boston)

Meeting agendas are here: [1]

Meeting Notes 3/8

Occupy Boston Info WG Agenda Wed Mar 7 2012

Facilitator: ?

(Order to be determined at the meeting.)

- Designate a notetaker
- Intros
- Agenda review and approval
- Report backs from last week
  • - We have a OB pamphlet
  • - We have a flier
  • - OB TV might do some advertisement
  • - Daily Digest, no progress, Anna will contact Anna for email 
- Open House planning
  • - Advertising 
  • -Internal flier to go to WG's
  • -follow up with tech to send flier on obgroups list
  • -Bobby will make FB page
  • - Bill gives him information
  • -Brett fills out MEdia submission form
  • -Bill will work to get MBTA and April 1st
  • - Logistics
  • -Bands: Farhad looking into second line
  • - Billy Wilder: Brett
  • - St. Paul: Nick B. going to reach out to Greg Murphy about St. Paul Permission
  • -Layout:
  • Do we want an intro mingling time or 1/2 hour or so?
  • -Intro Speaker
  • -ALL or SOME WG speakers- very quick
  • - Have video presentations were many people present on what OB is for them?
  • - PEople might not go for more than a 1/2 hour
  • -We should have hte Info WG by the door to talk to everyone and be friendly, giving information and recommending WG's, introducing people to people. Retail Strategy
- Formalizing process for agenda making and notetaking (Farhad)
  • From now on, the agenda will go out on an ether pad format and notes will be taken during hte meeting that will be put on the wiki after the meeting. The note taker is responsible for doing that.
- Potential Merger with InterOccupy (Farhad)
  • Proposal: Info WG takes on some duties of interoccupy (coordinating, coordinating conference calls, coordinating national calls to action
- Revised mission statement (Farhad)
- Clarification around WG name, email addresses, lists, etc (Farhad)
- Daily Digest update (Anna & Farhad)
-Submission for Media form

- Designate a spoke for the next M17 spokescouncil

Meeting Notes 3/14

Daily Digest

-Anna has email address in works and DD should be able to start up again soon. We need to figure out how to support Anna in doing Daily Digest

-Open House – We want to send out a list to the WG’s that this is happening, but we’re not sure how to do that yet

-Farhad emailed Band and hasn’t heard back

- Nick feels that he has special responsibility to make the Open House go well. He has been rash with the group and made an announcement at GA that he had been wronged.

-Facebook Page for Open House exists.

-Farhad went through Working Groups and separated WG’s that communicate with outside people through email and those that don’t


Process for WG email

We have a email list with 38 people on it. We have an email account that only Farhad checks. We need more people to check it and respond to inquiries

Option – we could have 3 people every week check the emails to the list and respond form their individual emails.

-Problem – that could result in individuals being contacted instead of the info wg group. We don’t want people getting into that habbit

Brett  -  lets have 1 person each week pay special attention to the list and respond from the Inreach email account, not their own personal email.

Tabling this issue until next week

Daniel – reach out to tech to get possible solutions


Volunteers for week conference calls, alerting our community to relevant calls

Brett will take the responsibility for this week

GA announcements

Bil makes info GA announcements at remainding GA’s before next meeting

Facilitate next meeting

Bil Facilitates next meeting


Open House


OB TV can distribute a bit that we make dor the open house. OB Radio also wants to help support the Open House

Bil will make sure to respond to OB TV

Radio: no one wants to go on the radio and talk about the Open house but Michelle will email them a blurb that they can read about it on the radio

Format of Open House

Bil: Shares his vision for the Open House

       - Half an hour of milling around

       - A mic check announcing 3-4 minutes of

               - slide show

               - speakers

       - Back to the career fair vibe

Brett: Shares his vision

       - Editor's note: I missed a lot of this -- Brett, can you fill it in?

       - Somewhere other than St. Paul's

Anna: How are we going to reach people outside of the Occupy Boston bubble?

Bil: Has been plugging an "awareness" campaign at GA for a while now. Tomorrow we'll be asking for folks to hand out flyers, etc.

Anna: Notes that the flyers already say St. Paul's. Is it too late to change the location?

Michelle: Has friends that are graphically inclined. Ideally would like to have more things that people can walk away with that look good. There's a lot going on, but nobody knows about it.

       - Action Item: will follow up with friends.

Bil: There's a handbook that we're working on for this

       - Photos

       - Who we are and what we've been doing

       - Descriptions of our GA process

       - Etc

Anna: Wants a different photo for the cover. That photo of the tents looks like dirty hippies.

Farhad: This is complicated, because those tents were important to a lot of people. It's where we started.

Anna: It can be a photo of tents, would prefer it not to be that one.

Michelle: It's like Vegas; it was beautiful at night.

Bobby: How many groups are going to participate?

Bil: We don't know yet. We have to contact them individually. I am willing to spearhead that if I can delegate each active member of Info a few groups to follow up with.

Farhad: I'll contribute to this effort by continuing to work on the contact list (

Bil: Here are the notes from last week. (Hands out notes, which will be emailed to the list as well).

Anna: Time check?

Bil: Proposal to finalize question of format next week? (All approve.)


Meeting Notes 3/21

Please let the List know if I missed anything!

In attendance: Brett, Bil, Anna, Bobby, Daniel

Report Backs

            Daily Digest – waiting on someone in OBIT

- Brett emails media about adding Daily digest submission form

InterOccupy roles

            -Bobby will take Interoccupy calls for the week

            -Brett will cover GA announcements

Open House – (Spur of the moment Working Group Field trip to St. Pauls!!!)

            -Open House Structure

                        Consensus on this break down

 Inreach WG will set aside spaces for all the WG’s that respond to our invitation to have a WG station by Wednesday 3/28. When the WG’s arrive with their sign, they will be shown their spot. Because of limited space in St. Pauls, and it’s un-optimal layout for an Open House (think pews), we feel this will help create a sane environment.

6:00p – Mingling, greeting, music outside, networking

6:20p – Opening Presentation

-Bil’s video played in background with approx. 5 speakers talking.

-Option: 1 Speaker does overview of OB, 3 or 4 give very short descripts of their WG activities/ accomplishments

6:40p – 8:30 – Open House! WG Stations, networking aids from the Inreach WG, Music outside

  • We probably want to add in a wrap-up speaker to say thank you adjourn the Open House


            -***Outreach to WG’s – Bil will send out a small list of WG’s for each person to contact + invite to have a presence at the Open House. He will include the link to the email list of reliable contacts for WG’s. Groups will have until Wednesday 3/28 to respond in order to be provided a space.             

-Bands – Katie and Farhad

  • Brett lets Katie know that we want Anotonio to play the Open House. Check in with Farhad on Second line Band.

-External media

            - Bil is going to see if he can get his promo videos on public access TV

-Brett filled in form for media coverage day-of, press release, etc…

-Marketing ideas

-Food  - Bobby is going to reach out to Food. We will need a lot.

-Signs – Everyone that reaches out to WG’s will ask them to bring their own signs to the Open House. Spaces will be provided for WG’s as well as non-damaging Painter’s Tape

-Bil wants to be reimbursed for flyer printing

-Facebook is relatively unused



Inreach Email Address

-Daniel will continue to reach out to OBIT to figure out the