Road Map Planning

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This is the ROAD MAP PLANNING Working Group.

It is limited to the work of the Working Group meetings that are being scheduled to help OB figure out who/what it is. And where it might be headed. For an overall "STRATEGIC PLANNING" discussion about OB, please go [here].

The Road Map Planning Working Group has held one meeting, at which a popular organization tool
"The SWOT Analysis" was introduced.

One of the "exercises" in ["strategic planning"] is to discuss a group's
analysis which is commonly called SWOT. See a "real world" example of one
professional consultant's [description of SWOT here].

Below is the list of thoughts given at the first Road Map Planning Meeting from Sunday 12/11.

The next Roadmapping meeting is scheduled for 11:30 am at Ecuentro 5, 33 Harrison, Boston. We will be breaking up into small workgroups and gathering more SWOT information. And then consolidating it into a "group summary", in case people want to use the work as a reference point moving forward.

One part of this meeting will be to discuss the next steps for the Roadmapping group. See this link for ideas for these next steps Roadmapping Next Steps.

See below for the SWOT work (so far):


Coherence of Group
Strength in Unity
Consensus (Horizontal Democracy)
Consumer Strategy Direct Action
Variety and amount of Creative Ideas and Energy
Exceptional Background of Skills
Working Together
Multiple Agenda’s
Global Movement
The Opportunity to Meet New People


Resistance and refusal to address the concerns of marginalized groups AS central issues
Resistance and Refusal to Address Central Issues
Constant Crisis Mode
Reactive vs. Proactive
Multiple Agendas
Lots of Ideas, Not A lot of Strategy
Boring GA
Non Productive GA
No Definition of Non-Violence
Unresponsive from GA
People feel intimidated
Complexity of the Issues of the 1%
Agent Provocateurs
Thinking We Only Work Outside the System
Lacking Information Sharing


Non Violent Communication Training
Inter-Work Group Collaboration (2)
Maximize election year potential
Day of Rest
Promote Transparency
Opportunity to regroup
Morphing Physical Presence
Opportunity to Influence
Furthering cause, more attention to media and message
Looking to Define the Change
Networking with the world Social Forums
Building the Foundation
Training for Progress
In-depth Analysis of what was good and what wasn’t
Educational Opportunity for the 99%
30/60 second elevator pitch
Selfless Autonomous Action
More non-violent training
Mass Movement Building
Win Hearts and Minds through intelligent debate
ideas and debates
Opportunities Continued
More Comprehensive Strategy
Parallel Organizing
Better Planned Direct Actions
Embrace Diversity of Tactics
Reaching Out to Other Occupations
Accessibility To All


Danger of Triviality
Bogged Down by Process
Coherence (In-Fighting)
Burn Out
Duplicating efforts (too many parallel meetings)
Over emphasis on Semantics
Hostile Media
Young Male “I don’t give a fuck attitude”
Autonomous Action Without Thought
Lack of Respect for Divergent Thoughts
GA Not Respected
Agent Provocateurs
Elevate Actuality
Lack of info-understanding what you are doing
Lack of Accountability

Original RoadMap Meeting Notes

Next steps?

See this link for ideas for these next steps Roadmapping Next Steps.

planned actions