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SEIU LOCAL 615 Statement to Americans Occupying
Boston and Wall Street

Published: Friday, October 7, 2011

Sarah Betancourt –
The SEIU Local 615 showed the support of members yesterday in adopting a resolution to stand behind Occupy Boston.

Local 615 President Rocio Saenz, “The brave students, workers, and unemployed Americans occupying Wall Street have shaken the conscience of our nation. The crowds and demonstrations will only grow larger and louder as more Americans find the courage inside themselves to stand up and demand Wall Street CEOs and millionaires pay their fair share to create good jobs now. SEIU Local 615 has a message for those at Occupy Boston- You have our support, we will join you in the streets, and we will not let up until we win an economy that works for everyone.”

Last night, in solidarity with Occupy Boston, the film “Occupation,” a documentary about the Harvard University Living Wage Sit- in 2001, was showed by Local 615 in Dewey Square at 10:30pm. Harvard Janitor of 10 years, Daniel Mejia spoke to the crowd and said, “At Harvard, It took students occupying the President’s office in 2001 for janitors like me to earn a more just wage and affordable health care. Before their occupation, our wages were frozen, there were no sick days and health care was unaffordable. History is repeating itself as our struggle as working families continues.”

For more information, call Communications Coordinator Sarah Betancourt at 617-878-7492

Based on: support_SEIU_615 at wikispaces