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Solidarity Message from Move Your Money - Philly

user:wooriginal Yesterday 9:18 am

Below is a message of solidarity we received from MYM Philly.


MYM Boston,

On behalf of Move Your Money Philly I wanted to reach out and say hello to our friends in Boston. We stand with you 100% and are also aligned with the November 5th Bank Transfer Day.

We should have a website up soon, in the meantime here is our facebook page -

Please keep me up to date as to how your efforts are coming along, all of us in MYM Philly would be very excited to hear about your success ! In the future it may also be worthwhile to share what strategies seem to work/not work. Furthermore, if you are aware of any other MYM movements in other city's perhaps we could create an email list or google group so we can help each other. You are the only other group I am currently aware of.

In Solidarity, Adam MYM Philly

Credit Cards?

user:ObieBlu Wednesday, 8:27 pm

I haven't yet looked into it myself, but a lot of friends and acquaintances are telling me that banks are no longer offering personal debt-consolidation loans. I had one 5 years ago, and I paid it off early. it was a huge help.

I want to get my credit card debt away from Bank of America. (Debt that I accrued due to a lay-off and a year and a half of unemployment.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

re: Credit Cards?

user:chromeangel Wednesday, 9:00 pm


Have you spoken with a credit union about this matter? Do you think they might be able to assist you with debt consolidation?

re: Credit Cards?

user:ObieBlu Thursday, 8:33 am

I'm in the process of transferring my residency from NH to Boston, my credit union is in NH, and I haven't had a business day to go up and inquire.

I put this out there as more of a general information. I have friends who have tried, and their banks no longer offer personal loans of this nature.

Does anyone have suggestions for local Boston credit unions that they'e had success with debt-consolidation loans?

I REALLY don't want to give another cent to BoA...


user:swoopv3 Wednesday, 8:02 pm

Who's got recommendations/info? I'm in the Allston area!

re: Recommendations?

user:swoopv3 Wednesday, 8:24 pm

hmmm this place looks cool:

Metro Credit Union on Comm. Ave.:

Move you money

user:Ilove2eatVeggies Oct 18, 2011 10:07 am

I went to the Occupy Boston page for help to find the right bank or credit union to switch to, it led me to a site called HelloWallet. I entered my zip code and it gave me a list of banks and credit unions in the Boston area. I scrolled down the list and saw Wainwright Bank and Trust and I know that they received bailout money. I think you should let the users of the link know that the site you lead them to is not banks and credit unions that you recommend, just ones that are in thier area.

re: Move you money

user:wooriginal Oct 18, 2011 11:20 am

Will do.

Flyering to Support Move Your Money Day

I'd like to gather people to flier other large events to advertize this MYMD. I've written to MYMD asking for a flier.

Are other folks planning anything like this?

I scouted out two events we might flyer

10/30; Komen Road Race for Cure

11/2; meeting of banking professionals

Harvard Sq. any day

Post Office Square Park...I think this would be best..if the weather is nice folks will be out eating lunch...we could also go thru the shopping district...Nov. 1? or 3?


This is a great idea! Please come to the MYM public discussion on Wed Nov 2 at 7PM, we can organize this then.