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This page for discussion about the possibility of starting a third party.

We are not so defeated that we cannot turn to the political process to institute change. Democracy is aided by a plurality of voice. We need a third party to break the Duopoly of political interest in Washington.

Here is an interesting read for anyone interested in the major similarities between the libertarian right and the progressive left

Mechanisms that could bring this about include:
* Preferential voting. This can happen state-by-state right now.
* The abolition of official recognition of any political party, or special treatment of candidates backed by such parties
* A Constitutional amendment to implement Proportional Representation by state, either in the House or as a replacement to the grossly undemocratic Senate
* The reduction in federal power and an increase in taxes and roles of state governments (while somehow shielding them from further corporate corruption)


  1. Allow states to assume public welfare programs (and define basic medical care a right).
  2. End Corporate Personhood.
  3. Reinstate Glass-Steagall type legislation.
  4. Pass legislation for a transparent and accountable Federal Reserve.
  5. Pass Social Security and Medicare reform that preserves current recipients.
  6. Protect the rights of both individual and union workers.
  7. Repeal federal anti-marijuana laws.
  8. End military interventionism.
  9. Create a brand new tax code that supports economic growth and preserves equality.
  10. End government subsidies to companies supported by the free market
  11. Repeal the patriot act and restore due process.
  12. End debt based higher education and vocational training (and define public education a right).

Ron Paul Defending Occupy Wall Street - Republican National Debates 10/18/11

Based on: Third Party at wikispaces