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== Here’s the news about the workshop: == 

It was great.  11 Participants.  There were some great ideas.  We started a bit late but that was my fault.  We aired the meeting with ustream which I liked but I should put a note up to see if people could actually follow it.  Would it be possible to get a mic to put up at the next meeting so those at home can follow along? My tech side failed though and there was no recording.    There were three handouts which I have posted on the group page: http://groups.occupyboston.org/wg/radio (
Occupy Boston Radio Program Worksheet, Story Visioning Worksheet, 10 Ten Interview Techniques)     

== We  proceeded to go through the following questions to give the ideas more shape:

* Occupy Boston Radio Program Worksheet

* Name:                                                 

* Contact Info:

* Developing an idea:
* Where does your idea start? (With a topic? Diversity, LGBT issues, Politics.  With a format? News, Talk, Round-table, Music. With just one word? Corporations.)
* List 10 words to describe what you would like your program to be? (Fun, informative, political)
* Write one sentence that describes your program idea:
* Is your idea practical and will it fit a need?
* Who is your audience? (Working mothers, seniors, minorities,  teen males.)
* What message overall would you like to relate to your audience through your program?
* Why is it important to get this message to your audience?
* What skills and experience do you bring to your program?

* The responses were terrific and forgive me if they’re not word for word but my notes were light as we brainstormed.  Everyone kept their questions for next time.


* Todd
“Occupy History”
The history of political and social movements through the times.
One on One Interviews & Roundtable Discussion

* Rockelle
Information about the movement from every source.
News, culture, events, music, interviews, and talk.  

* Brendan
“Behind the News” style show. Economics, global issues, academic crisis. Local angle local perspective.
One on One Interviews

* Shane
“Middle Ground”
Opinion leaders from diverse cultures, opinions and perspectives.
Roundtable Discussion

* Linda
“Occupy Our Culture”
Arts & culture show highlighting politically motivated pieces now and in the past.  Arts, short stories, plays, books, and so forth.
Hosted Arts Program

* Sarah
“Occupy Boston News”
Half-hour news dedicated to local Occupy news and highlights of national and world coverage.
Hosted (Possibly prerecorded)

* Ashley
Lectures on spirituality especially Allan Watts
Prerecorded lecture

* Jacques
Show linking environmental action with the change in the economic system
Format unknown

* Nymah
“Moving Forward”
Inspirational programming that evolves as the movement evolves
Various formats

* Rod (Johnny)
Prerecorded podcast type show

* We discussed audience, generating and keeping an audience and how that determines your message.  No one wants to broadcast into emptiness.  
The next time wg members return they are bringing an outline or script of their idea as a show.  Rockelle, Nymah and Todd offered to be facilitators for the next meetings.  

* Next meeting we will begin with a half-hour of discussion on message and general radio etiquette then break up into two groups, one moving into outline/script phase and the other going through the ideas worksheet.  We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!!!