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Whereas, corporations have more of a voice and more rights than individuals. We demand greater accountability on Wall Street and Washington. We want greater responsiveness to the needs of the 99%.

This non-partisan movement is the voice of Americans expressing their discontent with the partisan paralysis regarding real solutions to the country's underlying problems.

  1. We want to put an end to excessive executive bonuses funded by the tax payer, at the public's expense, funded by gov't and federal reserve programs, etc.
  2. We want a [minimal income] for the underemployed.
  3. We want job training.
  4. We want basic healthcare.
  5. We want basic shelter.
  6. We want healthy food.
  7. We want to tread lightly on the Earth.
  8. We do not want perpectual war for economic/political gain.
  9. We want to reduce our military presence worldwide.
  10. We want to restore civil liberties provided under the constitution

We want protection of Americans who are unemployed for a defined period of time after a job loss so that they can still send their kids to college, still have access to affordable healthcare, and still keep their homes. Give people a chance to get back on their feet. We don't choose to lose our jobs so bailing us out is not a free handout. So many lives are simply destroyed because our whole system, including education, healthcare, paying a mortgage, paying back debt revolves around Americans staying employed.

Based on: Why do we occupy? at wikispaces