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Credit Union Account progress

Paul Carnes used his personal social and info to get an EIN (an organizational tax ID number).  Also got a certificate (shows name registration) with the City of Boston.  Once Occupy Boston has it's own entity, or we have a fiscal sponsor, then his information will be removed and the EIN and city info updated.

Paul will open two checking accounts at Liberty Bay Credit Union. This nearby CU is open later and has online checking services.  We will open two checking accounts, one for general funds, and one specifically for the legal defense fund money, following GA instructions to keep these separate.  Other money in the general account targeted for different work groups, such as food, will be tracked using traditional fund accounting methods.

We will have two checking account signers, and two other people will have online access to audit the account.  Initially Paul and Sydney will be signers.  Each check requires two signatures.  Gregg offered to be a signer on the account if a third one is needed.


Food cash requests

Sydney, who works at Info, has Food WG volunteers just coming up to Info asking for funds to buy things for the food tent. B will work with food volunteers on creating Food WG procedures. 


WePay card

A debit card had been ordered from We Pay for the general fund account by Matt to give to Logistics.  It was proposed that this debit card not be used since we are about to open a CU account.  Instead we will wire transfer the We Pay funds directly into the bank account. We will keep using the We Pay account to collect funds, and periodically transfer them to the CU account.  Unanimous agreement that this is the best method of cash control.  For the present, the debit card will be kept secure and only used for dire emergencies.


Press inquiries

Media periodically has inquiries from the press about financial matters. Unanimously agreed that no one single person should be the sole spokesperson.  Gregg, Eric, Paul and B all volunteered to take on this task.  Group agreed that whoever does this should get training from media group. Group should also develop 'talking points' to help the different speakers-to-press convey a coherent voice.


Payments to working groups

Procedural discussion of how to disburse payments to working groups, collection of receipts, what types of forms are needed, etc.  No decisions made.  Need to research pre-paid debit cards to see what services vs. fees the different brands offer.



Lisa reached someone at Third Sector New England and they are interested to speak with Occupy Boston about fiscal sponsorship and other types of support they offer. She will talk with them on Thursday  and report back at next meeting.


Name & Purpose of Finance WG

Discussion on how to define the purpose of the finance WG.  There seems to be a misconception amongst some Occupy Boston people that the Finance WG makes decisions on which WG can spend what.  It was agreed that this working group does not decide what is spent; we just do the paperwork. Small expenses are decided by each WG for itself; large expenses go directly to GA.

Proposed new name for group of 'Financial Accountability Working Group' (FAWG). Passed by majority vote with some objections.