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Meeting Minutes
Group – Financial Accountability Working Group (FAWG)
Meeting– November 7, 2011 from 6:00PM – 8:00PM, South Station mezzanine
Attendees – Rene Perez, Rita Sebastian, Linda Jenkins, Bruce Ehrlich, Eric Martin, Mike Petit, Greg Murphy, Lisa Goldstein, and B
Roles - Lisa Goldstein (facilitator) and Mike Petit (secretary)
Old Business
  1. Post office box
  2. Safety deposit box for important papers
  3. Setting-up legal disbursement process
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Cash disbursement policy & allowable expenses
  6. Forms for working groups
New Business
  1. Fundraising
  2. legal structure (not discussed)
  3. On-site coverage for dispersing funds
  4. Follow-up on mediation
  5. Current status of food & money (not discussed)
  6. Division of responsibilities (not discussed)
  7. Who is a member of FAWG & how does one join? (not discussed)
Discussion & Conclusions -
Topics covered during meeting on 11/7/11
  1. Post Office Box – It was agreed that Rita Sebastian will hold one copy of the key and Rene Perez will hold the other.
  2. Safety deposit box – It was agreed that Greg Murphy & Bruce Ehrlich will open a safety deposit box for Occupy Boston, FAWG. They will request two copies of the key; one will be held by Bruce Ehrlich and one will be held by Rita Sebastian.
  3. Legal Disbursement – It was discussed that this could be accomplished by using a separate savings/checking account that is linked to our existing account. Greg will investigate options with the Credit Union. The goal is to make a decision during our next meeting.
  4. Bookkeeping – Bruce reiterated the importance of producing accurate financial statements as soon as possible. Toward that end, he acquired a grouping of receipts during the meeting.
  5. Cash Disbursement Policy – Mike Petit will prepare a policy document for review before the next meeting. This will include a list of prohibited items (alcohol drugs, etc.). Completed on 11/9/11
  6. Forms for Working Groups
·        Greg Murphy will update the policy to show the operating hours for cash disbursement.
·        Bruce Ehrlich will draft a funding authorization process sheet and form.
  1. Fundraising –Rita offered to purchase a receipt book and Greg confirmed that they preferred payment method for donations is a check.
  2. Onsite Coverage for Disbursing Funds – It was agreed that we need more people to help with coverage from 12:00pm – 3:00pm daily. Rita agreed to help on Mondays, Lisa on Saturdays, and Bruce & Mike offered to help fill-in on some weekends. Lisa will set-up a calendar and seek additional volunteers.
  3. Mediation – This was a point of discussion at the end of our meeting. The DBA is sill being held by the mediator since Paul contends that FAWG did not live-up to our obligations in the agreement.
  4. FSU & Wepay accounts – We discussed the need for a procedure to open new wepay accounts.
  5. Mailing Lists – It was decided that Rene will act at the administrator for all FAWG mailing lists and Matthew Krawitz will act as the backup (Lisa will transfer all logins/passwords as soon as possible).