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Meeting Minutes
Group – Financial Accountability Working Group (FAWG)
Meeting– November 9, 2011 from 6:00PM – 8:00PM, South Station mezzanine
Attendees – Rita Sebastian, Linda Jenkins, and Mike Petit
Roles - Mike Petit (secretary)
Old Business
  1. Forms for working groups  (completed 11/9/11)
  2. Cash disbursement policy & allowable expenses (completed 11/9/11)
  3. Screening Form & Process  (completed 11/9/11)
  4. Division of responsibilities
  5. Setting-up legal disbursement process (not discussed)
  6. Bookkeeping (not discussed)
  7. Fundraising (not discussed)
  8. legal structure (not discussed)
  9. On-site coverage for disbursing funds (not discussed)
  10. Follow-up on mediation (not discussed)
  11. Current status of food & money (not discussed)
  12. Who is a member of FAWG & how does one join? (not discussed)
New Business
  1. Quickbooks Access (not discussed)
  2. Additional Signers on Credit Union account (not discussed)
  3. Budget Process & Planning (not discussed)
Discussion & Conclusions -
Topics covered during meeting the meeting
  1. Forms for Working Groups
  2. Cash Disbursement Policy – Mike Petit proposed a policy for disbursing cash. It was reviewed and adopted with some edits.
  3. Screening Form & Process
·        Bruce proposed a policy covering financial accountability background screening. It was adopted without any modifications.
·        Bruce also proposed a form to accompany this policy. It was also adopted without modification.
  1. Division of Responsibilities – This topic was discussed at the end of our meeting, but no conclusions were reached. All members expressed the belief that this is an important issue that must be addressed. Mike will send the group a copy of the proposal that was discussed, so we can move closer to resolution.
Other items, not on agenda -
  • -None-
Completed Business –
  • Post office box (Completed 11/7/11)
  • Safety deposit box for important papers (Completed 11/9/11)