2012 Summer Gathering - Boston

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Ideas for a 2012 Summer Gathering...

Should it be one big circle, the whole time, where everyone gives an update for their working groups? Or do we have some time for the whole group, and then breakouts for smaller groups to work specifically on topics, such as a breakout group for each working group? If the latter, would the breakout groups be "scheduled" so people could schedule their time and attend many breakout groups? or done adhoc, in a more casual format?

Perhaps updates are given to the entire groups, and then detailed strategy work is done in breakout sessions?

Do we want to attempt another RoadMapping session? If so, I envision groups presenting timelines for "their efforts". So if, for example, one of the groups is the Public Banking Initiative (one I'm familiar with), they could timeline various legislative and other actions they are pursuing.


Large Group Presentations?

What topics should be given to "the whole group", as opposed to in breakout sessions?

IDEAS for information inflow: - Visioning? Status of Visioning Work? Update from NatGat? - Debt Jubilee - Foreclosure situation update - Legal update of court proceedings and important news on legal front - Economics Update? - Public Banking Initiative Update? - Democracy School (rights-based ordinances)

IDEAS for information outflow: - minutes? - more?

2103 Summer Gathering

Occupy Strategic Planning