2013 Regional Gathering

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Ideas for a 2012 Summer Gathering...


Do we have/develop a theme? - Occupy the Economy? - Occupy the Government?


- Some "bidness", Some play, lots of conversation, planning, coordination?


Should it be one big circle, the whole time, where everyone gives an update for their working groups? like the MassOccupy Strategic Action Assembly? One like that, but where people vote to create breakout groups? and then breakout groups, and report backs? If the latter, would the breakout groups be "scheduled" so people could schedule their time and attend many breakout groups? or done adhoc, in a more casual format?

I (terra) like the idea of having both...so that we have some times that have scheduled speakers, and workshops, and some times with adhoc gathering/breakout sessions. Perhaps a scheduled time for updates? I imagine several small speaker areas...non-miked, around the edges of the gathering space, and then a "main stage" speaker...but small mike/amp, not loud enough to sound-bleed into the smaller working group areas. Your thoughts?

Perhaps updates are given to the entire group at scheduled times, and then detailed strategy work is done in breakout sessions?


Strategic Action Assembly - same format as Occupy Boston's? Mass Occupy?

Constitution Amendment to Deny Corporate Personhood - education? - update?

Public Banking Initiative - education/ - update?

Local Currencies/Alternative Currencies/Social Value - education? - update?


Do we want to attempt another RoadMapping session? If so, I envision groups presenting timelines for "their efforts". So if, for example, one of the groups is the Public Banking Initiative (one I'm familiar with), they could timeline various legislative and other actions they are pursuing. [get the link to the results of the last attempt]


Large Group Presentations?

What topics should be given to "the whole group", as opposed to in breakout sessions?


- Idle No More: what do they want to do, if anything? blessings? education? music/dance? -


- 97D shop space

Richard: Aaron agreed to bring it up among the residents there, who ultimately decide yea or no. Still feel it the best of spaces given our common purpose (TF agrees). Suggest that anyone interested meetup there soon, like in the next week or so and talk it out. (TF OK, will plan on it, prefer afternoons.)

- is there are park, or outdoor space nearby? (Terra: I DEFINITELY want an indoor space to be part of the gathering, but wouldn't it be wonderful to also have an outdoor component?)

This is all formative, a pre-planning set of ideas and people.

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 1:42 PM, Terra Friedrichs

> Yes. Great. Love it. > > Did you hear back from the potential location? All I got was that one > email without any specific reference to meeting about planning the > gathering. > > Also, did you want to jot some more ideas on what a potential gathering > would look like? Are you going to the Rootscamp thing tonight? > > I guess I'll just wait and see what happens. I have plenty to do in the > meantime...