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Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a Beloved Community that constantly pursues (aspires to) collective liberation by progressively eliminating and challenging systems of internal, interpersonal and cultural oppression, that are manifested in race, class, gender, sexual identity, and physical, cultural and religious domination.

We envision that we can accomplish this by employing an intergenerational, inclusive and intersectional practice that holds its members accountable to a set of liberatory anti-oppressive values. Our vision is for the practices learned and applied in our community [this working group] to become a transformative catalyst agent for the rest of the occupy movement and our communities at large.

Working Group Info


Weekly group meetings held every Saturday, 4:30 - 6:30p at the Arlington Street Church, 351 Arlington St. (corner of Arlington and Boylston Sts.) at the Arlington St. T Stop (Green Line). See Occupy Boston Calendar for most accurate information.

Meeting Minutes


Octber 8, 2011: The Occupy Boston General Assembly passes proposal to hold an anti-racism workshop at a General Assembly (held on Oct 16, 2011 - see below.)



Google Group: check_your_privilege_ob

link to how to de-escalate encounters with law enforcement officials: Safety - Law Enforcement

Based on: Anti-Oppression at wikispaces