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I'm not sure what this page is for...please help

User Comments and Posts

Posts and comments about either the OWS movement in general or OB in specific. For research and discussion purposes.

Please mark entries with either OWS or OB to note which context they are in.

Wiki Users

Comments, thoughts about OWS or OB that Wiki users would like to leave here for consideration. Note some may be moved to discussion or archived once provided to the right people.

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Media Aggregators

To all the Americans participating in demonstrations across the country, thank you for your dedication, bravery, and unrelenting honesty. The world responded yesterday and all across the globe people came out to show they stand with you. Some have been fighting since last spring and some are just starting now, but they share your frustration- and your goal. This morning, as the sun creeps back around to our part of the earth, let us seize this rare moment and respond in kind to our brothers and sisters around the world by coming out bigger and louder than before and letting them know we're still here, we heard them, and we stand with them too. Together, we can't be stopped

Social Integration Platforms

Discussing "The Message"

Links and discussions about the overall OWS message and its perception in the public, media and to the internet.

Based on: Social Informatics at wikispaces