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This is the homepage for the Arts & Culture Committee of Occupy Boston.

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Call for Artists – Undivided: Dewey Square Pop-up Art Show Sunday, November 6, 2011 Undivided: Dewey Square Pop-up Art Show Inspired by Occupy Boston/Occupy Wall St.

The purpose of the exhibition is to provide an artistic platform to inspire an open dialog about the economic divide in this country, the democratic process as an organizing tool, and the diverse communities that make up the 99%. It is our hope to create an environment where a diverse community of people can gather and begin to dissect the issues and formulate solutions.

The show will be Sunday, November 6th from 1p-4p in Dewey Square at the site of Occupy Boston. Limitations of the space: This will be an outdoor venue at the Dewey Square Occupation site, artists must provide their own easels or tables to display work, we do not recommend fragile pieces. Please be prepared to stay at the site during the duration of the Pop-up Art Show. Alternative Rain Date TBD if needed.

Artist Call: The Dewey Square Pop-up Art Show Committee is looking for art that is inspired by the following statements:

This is what democracy looks like. We are the 99%. This is what economic justice/injustice looks like.

Art format can include: Visual arts such as painting, photography, mixed media, sculpture, illustration, signs, and drawings. Performance Art such as spoken word, 3 minute plays or performance pieces, music, or dance.

All are encouraged to visit the sign making tent for access to materials such cardboard, markers, paint, and paper. If you are interested in joining the committee showing your work, have questions, or want more info please email [mailto:], visit follow on twitter @occupybostonart.

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