Bank Action WG - 13 June 2012

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Meeting moved to downstairs of Boloco Restaurant across the street.

Discussion - Website

Admins Dana and John

Others - Author status

For the website/content:

A list of alternative institutions where people could move their money away from big banks.

Link list

News feed

Our editorial content area

Two upcoming direct actions - July 2, July 9

Dana - Going to make some half page flyers to promote these events.

Must make cigarette boxes. Dana discussions design. Ridgely plans to go on Sunday to SAA for further help. She says they made some for the First Night action.

Agenda items - Rethinking actions (Ridgely)

Is the financial district really a good place to hold this action.

Bake sale - We can't sell, we can only give away.

Ridgely - wants to go to GA to get money for buying plastic pastries. Symbology is that people are getting plastic nothing food.

Should we ask for donations? (Ridgely)

Dana - We should hand them a flyer that says "Why is BofA going under?' Why is BofA being sued/'

The ultimate message is that the bank should go under. It's a message delivered with irony.

Hans - We should give them a brownie and say it's a 'no money down' purchase.

Ridgely - Should we have another action at the same time asking people to sign a petition to bail BofA out again?

To do

John - Remind Eden to get the BofA wanted posters printed.

Ridgely - Will try to get press list from Gunner to send out announcement about action.

Rich - Has volunteer to make "No money down" signs.

Ridgely, Hans, Dana - Goiong to seek further assistance with the action with construction

Dana - Will work on flyer between now and Sunday.

Dana - Will make a 'bake sale' sign modification to his Banks vs America sign.