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There are several working groups involved in "banking" and issues around "money". Please let us know if you want your group listed, or just liste it yourself.

General Concepts about economic/banking/financial reforms


Strike Debt collects and distributs money in an aim to eliminate healthcare debt

Public Banking working group intends to establish a Massachusetts State Bank, and other alt money orgs


[Credit To The People]

Another group which has emerged since the end of the Dewey Square encampment is the Credit To The People group which helps raise awareness about "how money works". This is with the aim to help people "decolonize" themselves from money as a "controlling" entity, and create alternatives which allow us to invoke sovereign control over our lives by devesting ourselves from traditional concepts of money, which are controlled by "central command".

While the group may not technically be considered a working group of Occupy Boston because it wasn't around during the camp, many of the members of the camp helped organize Credit To The People, and so we believe it's worth putting on these pages.

Here is what CTTP says about itself:

We are an educational membership organization committed to a comprehensive understanding of credit and money. It is our further objective to facilitate the emergence of that understanding so that people take responsibility for using credit and money for the common good and benefit of all. We aim to create a healthy and thriving society out of our ongoing understanding of credit and money.


The American Revolution was about transferring the sovereignty from the king to the people. But do we have a government of, by, and for the people?

Why not?

We lost the money power, the power to issue money for what We the People want. As is widely known, Congress, which was designed to serve as the voice of the people and the states in the federal government, has been, for the most part, unduly influenced, if not bought, by the corporatocracy.

This site is about returning credit to the people, the power to issue money for what We the People decide is good and what will create a healthy, just, and sustainable economy, society, and planet.

We advocate for many approaches, which include:

- gaining public control over US currency - developing new banking concepts - building local currencies

We invite you to view the prezi below entitled "Create Our Own Money", review the tabs on what interests you, and join us in our vision and mission.

We look forward to joining with you to create a world of our dreams funded by We the People!


Credit To The People founding members