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This is a place for "raw ideas" that need to get flushed out before becoming "concrete objectives": \

  • utilize planning models that favor high density cities, land conservation and discourage sprawl.

NEW PROPOSED LANGUAGE: - require zoning law for multi-family housing to include 100% conservation, in the form of community gardens, parks, open space, either in 24x7 privately owned land with conservations restrictions deeded in, or sold for public use. - require high density building to be on existing train lines or with public transit access from the site.

  • give historically disenfranchised peoples first use right to commons
  • establish public magnet schools that are horticultural academies that also care for public land & grow food
  • Local food production, community gardens, permaculture agriculture - worker self directed organic agriculture coops on the model of Mondragon in Spain *
  • tie the salaries of public officials inversely to the price of a grocery basket of sustainable food, calculated relative to zip code
  • peg the value of currency to the number of fish in the sea
  • Tie the tax brackets to the rental cost of a square foot of land by county, the lower the rents, the lower the taxes. THIS IS ALREADY BEING DONE and it's not working! TF
  • Declare a Jubilee Year every 49 years.

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