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This is a place for "raw ideas" that need to get flushed out before becoming "concrete objectives":

  • Dismantle military in 7 years AC
  • We support ending imperialism - NEEDS MUCH DEEPER EXAMINATION "imperialism" is revSpeak. needs to be defined and broken down into the components that can be legislatively addressed one by one -- like ending corporatocracy
  • Require foodstamp agencies to provide foodstamp payment mechanisms to farmers markets - FOR EXAMINATION: farmers markets are mostly cash transactions. 1. do the people who sell there want to accept food stamps? 2. is this a budget buster? are those items comparably priced in community supermarkets/bodegas?
  • utilize planning models that favor high density cities, land conservation and discourage sprawl.

NEW PROPOSED LANGUAGE: - require zoning law for multi-family housing to include 100% conservation, in the form of community gardens, parks, open space, either in 24x7 privately owned land with conservations restrictions deeded in, or sold for public use.
- require high density building to be within 2 blocks of existing train lines or with public transit access from the site.

  • give historically disenfranchised peoples first use right to commons

- require temporary public land permits, leases, and other public use to either set aside a significant amount of prime land for historically disenfranchised peoples to use land first. require disenfranchised groups the "right of first refusal" for any sale of public lands.

  • establish public magnet schools that are horticultural academies that also care for public land & grow food

QUESTioN: what the heck is this? tech schools and public agri schools already do this. UMASS for example was an agricultural school and still is, and operates forestry and other agri operations.

  • Local food production, community gardens, permaculture agriculture - worker self directed organic agriculture coops on the model of Mondragon in Spain

what specifically? look at the other things we have...what is missing? already restructing tax credits to only support local/organic. what are you trying to say? "have more community gardens"? is that it? if so, how about make sure that cities put aside 10% of all land for community gardens. be specific.

  • tie the salaries of public officials inversely to the price of a grocery basket of sustainable food, calculated relative to zip code

not sure what this means

  • peg the value of currency to the number of fish in the sea

not sure what this means

  • Declare a Jubilee Year every 49 years.

how would the legislation look? all debt?

* recognize and remediate environmental racism--predominance of incinerators in black-brown neighborhoods *

  • institute development policies that favor high density cities and REAL affordable housing tied to lowest wage earners (not "average" income) *

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