Community Gathering Schedule

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Currently, through May 7, 2012, Community Gatherings are held on Monday evenings, at St. Paul's Cathedral on Tremont Street, from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. Starting on Monday, May 14, 2012, the location changes to Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston Street, across from Copley Square. The first half hour of the CG is set aside for socializing or mini working group meetings. The hosting working group is responsible for providing food - see FAWG representative for $100, or for reimbursement (be sure to submit receipts and change). 

See the Community Gatherings Proposal for more info.

If you represent a working group and want to take advantage of a Community Gathering, please choose a date and enter the relevant information, below.

DATE          WORKING GROUP                                TOPIC

12/19/11      Ad Hoc                                                   Welcome to Occupy Boston

12/26/11      Houseless & Allies                                 Massachusetts Housing Crisis

1/02/12       Citizens United                                       Corporate Personhood

1/09/12       Direct Action                                              

1/16/12       MLK Day Teach in                                    

1/23/12       Ad Hoc (Safer Spaces)                          Towards co-creating a safe community

1/30/12       ScreenPrinting activity                                               

2/06/12       Women's Caucus                                   Feminism 101 (tentatively)

2/13/12       Ad Hoc Film Society                               Screening of Inside Job

2/20/12       Facilitation                                                

2/27/12       Decolonize to Liberate                             

3/05/12       Media

3/12/12       HealthJustice                                           The solution to disparities in access to health care: single payer (socialized) health insurance

3/19/12       Nonviolence & Civil Disobedience           In the Spirit of Bayard Rustin: An Exploration of the Power of Nonviolence

3/26/12       Inreach                                                     Occupy Boston Open House (Another "Welcome to Occupy Boston")

4/2/12         OB Open House                                       Meet and Greet and Welcome Newcomers


4/16/12       CANCELLED

4/23/12       Free School University                              Peace & Economic Justice: What's the Connection Between War & the Economy? (rescheduled from 4/9)

4/30/12       DA/General Strike                                 

5/7/12        Climate Action, Sustainability and Environmental Justice  -  Teachin on Carbon Fee and Dividend System

5/14/12       HealthJustice                                               

5/21/12       Legal

5/28/12       Anti-Oppression