Community Gathering Schedule

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Currently, Community Gatherings are held on Monday evenings, at St Paul's Cathedral on Tremont Street, from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. The first half hour of the CG is set aside for socializing or mini working group meetings. The hosting working group is responsible for providing food - see FAWG representative for $100, or for reimbursement (be sure to submit receipts and change). 

See the Community Gatherings Proposal for more info.

If you represent a working group and want to take advantage of a Community Gathering, please choose a date and enter the relevant information, below.

DATE          WORKING GROUP                                TOPIC

12/19/11      Ad Hoc                                                    Welcome to Occupy Boston

12/26/11      Houseless & Allies                                  Massachusetts Housing Crisis

1/02/12       Citizens United                                        Corporate Personhood

1/09/12       Direct Action

1/16/12       MLK Day Teach in

1/23/12       Ad Hoc (Safer Spaces)                            Towards co-creating a safe community

1/30/12       ScreenPrinting activity                                               

2/06/12       Women's Caucus                                     Feminism 101 (tentatively)

2/13/12       Ad Hoc Film Society                                 Screening of Inside Job

2/20/12       Facilitation

2/27/12       Decolonize to Liberate                             

3/05/12       Media

3/12/12       HealthJustice                                             The solution to disparities in access to health care: single payer (socialized) health insurance

3/19/12       Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience             In the Spirit of Bayard Rustin: An Exploration of the Power of Nonviolence

3/26/12       Inreach                                                      Occupy Boston Open House (Another "Welcome to Occupy Boston")

4/2/12         OBIT

4/9/12         Free School University                               Peace & Economic Justice

4/16/12         Legal Working Group                               Listening Forum


4/30/12      DA/General Strike                                 

5/7/12        HealthJustice                                                Creating health justice through radical change - nutrition, housing, infrastructure and education