Denouncing American-style Democracy

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Disclaimer: This is a VERY rough draft for a Priority Process Proposal denouncing American-style Democracy and suggesting a protest vote to be had at next Tuesday, February 28th's GA. There can be, and should be, things that are changed. For example, there has been a lot of criticism about endorsing a specific candidate, including from the candidate named in this document. We hope that during the Priority Process Proposal task force these issues will be resolved before coming to GA the following Tuesday. The meeting for the Priority Process task force is set up for Saturday, February 25th at 8:00 PM              - TransportationBuilding/CIty Place.

 American Democracy today is a scam.  Republicrats and Democans sleep in the same bed and it is lined with crisp new $20 bills from the Federal Reserve Bank.  The people are told that they have no choices but to vote for one of two candidates, when the truth is that either way that they vote, they are still voting to continue the corporate government complex that funnels money from taxpayers into illegal, meaningless wars, spends trillions on bailing out ineffective multinational banks, and literally is making our planet unlivable for humans and other organisms.

But there is another choice. We can make a choice to protest the two party system by endorsing one of our own.  By doing so we send a strong message that we refuse to participate in business as usual during this election year. With that in mind, there is one clear candidate that accurately reflects our anger with the American Democratic System. By openly mocking American Democracy, Vermin Supreme is the only candidate who exposes it as the mockery of the Democratic Republic that was designed by the ancient Greek city-states.

Furthermore, we encourage all Occupies around the country to endorse Vermin Supreme. If we can have enough protests votes for Mr. Supreme we can show the political elite and plutocrats that we refuse to accept their veiled aristocracy and demand that a new political system based on the principles of a true Democracy be established.

This proposal is being submitted as a Priority Process Proposal. A public meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 25th, 8 PM, at Transportation Building/CIty Place.