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This the homepage for the Facilitators Working Group of Occupy Boston.

On 10/25/11, at a public meeting, attendees consented to the FWG's "Priority Process Proposal."  See the full text of the proposal at the bottom of the discussion page.

Priority Process Proposal


The Facilitator's Working Group is dedicated to protecting the collective thinking and consensus decision-making processes to ensure maximum inclusivity of those present for OccupyBoston decision-making. Our work may include facilitation of meetings, assessing and improving the consensus process and the conduct of meetings, documenting the processes being used by Occupy Boston, training of facilitators and making proposals to Occupy Boston General Assembly regarding improved processing of proposal- and decision-making.

Facilitation WG meetings are at 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and 4:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday. The meetings are held in the
Federal Reserve plaza, next to the building across the street (Atlantic Avenue) from where General Assembly takes place. Please join us, your help is needed.

What is a facilitator?
A facilitator helps members of any Occupy Boston group express themselves in their meetings in a way that allows for consensus-building. Facilitators relinquish their democratic voice on the subjects at hand in order to protect the process for the benefit of the community. As such, facilitators do not indicate their feelings or express their ideas about what is being said or decided upon during the time they are facilitating.

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Please see the living document we're using to guide the General Assembly and the consensus process. Your comments are welcome.


Based on: Facilitators at wikispaces