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<p>This page is the homepage for the Financial Accountability Working Group (FAWG). Please fill this in with pertinent information and resources for newcomers. Use the Discussion tab above to start discussions.</p><p>[Note: can we delete the old page? please migrate all relevant info from <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Finance%20Specialists">Finance Specialists</a>. thank you, --<a href="User:OneKarma">OneKarma</a> 15:20, 9 November 2011 (EST)] YES - you can delete the old page. The minutes have been saved and will be reposted to this page at some point. -Lisa</p><hr/><p>Email list: [[|</a>
Join the list and view message archives at ]][[|</a></p>

Cash Hotline - 857.417.7872

Cash email address -

FAWG realizes that the links on this wiki page are not currently working and is seeking help from OBIT.

FAWG Meeting  Schedule

schedule is currently in flux - FAWG will post meetings as it decides on them

FAWG MInutes
<a href="11/14/11">11/14/11</a>                    10/26/11

<a href="11/09/11">11/09/11</a>                    <a href="10/24/11">10/24/11</a>

<a href="11/07/11">11/07/11</a>                    <a href="10/19/11">10/19/11</a>

<a href="11/3/11">11/3/11 </a>                     <a href="10/15/11">10/15/11</a>

                                  <a href="10/14/11">10/14/11</a>

Current Financial Accountability Working Group Members

Jorge Alvarez  (Facilitation, Non-violence, Radio)

B (Food)

Linda Jenkins, occupylinda @

Glen Kinnock

Matthew Krawitz (IT), OB-FAWG AT                      (Credit Union Account Signer)

K. Eric Martin (Logistics), 857-236-2734,

Gregory Murphy (Facilitation) 617-413-6472, gsjmurphy @    (Credit Union Account Signer)

Michael Petit

Rita Sebastian (Info)

Current Financial Accountability Working Group Consultants

Daniel Paradis, tax lawyer -, 617.470.5049

OccupyBoston Internal Revenue Service and Banking Structure

For Occupy Boston to open a credit union account to track donations to the general fund, and any resulting OB expenses, OB needed an Employer Identification Number, provided by the IRS. Gregory Murphy obtained an EIN in the name of OccupyBoston. OccupyBoston's IRS address is OccupyBoston P. O. Box 51162, Boston, MA 02205 .

For the same reason and per credit union requirements, Gregory Murphy obtained a Certificate of Business from the City of Boston. That certificate lists Gregory Murphy dba (doing business as) Occupy Boston Financial Accountability Working Group. This is a temporary measure, simply to get an account open. OB's Financial Accountability Working Group is researching different potential organizational structures for OccupyBoston, and, at some point, will make a recommendation to the GA, in the form of a proposal.

Also, per a mediated Agreement (signed 11/1/11) with Paul Carnes and Sydney Sherrel, Mr. Carnes signed a Withdrawal of Business Certificate for the dba Occupy Boston, filed in his name. That certificate sits in escrow with mediator David Kelston, awaiting the fulfillment of all the  terms of the Agreement.  FAWG contends that FAWG, Mr. Carnes and Ms. Sherrell have satisfied the terms of the Agreement and that Mr. Kelston should deliver, to FAWG, the Withdrawal of Business Certificate dba Occupy Boston. Mr. Carnes and Ms. Sherrell contend that FAWG has violated the terms of the Agreement, have secured legal counsel, and are petitioning Mr. Kelston to return the  Withdrawal of Business Certificate dba OccupyBoston to them.  Mr. Kelston has called for another session (tentatively) set for Monday, 11/14/11, to come to terms with the dispute.

Once FAWG secures the Withdrawal of Business Certificate dba OccupyBoston, it intends to file the certificate at the City Clerk's office, and then, as soon as possible, secure a new Business Certificate dba OccupyBoston, to hold and protect, in the name of OccupyBoston, and as consented to by OccupyBoston's General Assembly, on 11/3/11.

On 10/25/11, members of FAWG opened an account at Liberty Bay Credit Union, in the name of Occupy Boston Financial Accountability Working Group, with a total deposit of $15,819.44, which included $5 LBCU gave OB for opening the account. As of 11/10/11, FAWG is in the process of moving funds donated to the WePay General Fund (over $30,000) to LBCU Savings Account. We wil decide, the week of 11/13, whteher to move the WePay Legal Fund (over $11,000) to a second savings account at LBCU, or to a trust, administered by FAWG consulting tax counsel.

FInancial Presentations to GA

Monthly Credit Union Statements

<a href="10/31/11">10/31/11</a>

<a href="11/30/11">11/30/11</a>

<a href="12/31/12">12/31/12</a>

Occupy Boston FInancial Statements

Profit And Loss

<a href="10/31/11">October 31, 2011</a>

<a href="11/30/11">November 30, 2011</a>

<a href="12/31/11">December 31, 2011</a>

<a href="4thQ2011">4th Q, 2011</a>

Balance Sheet

<a href="10/31/11%20BS">October 31, 2011</a>

<a href="11/30/11%20BS">November 30, 2011</a>

<a href="12/31/11%20BS">December 31, 2011</a>

Working Group Expense

<a href="10/11%20WGE">October '11</a>

<a href="11/11%20WGE">November '11</a>

<a href="12/11%20WGE">December '11</a>

<a _fcknotitle="true" href="FAWG%20Proposals%20%28Consented%29">FAWG Proposals (Consented)</a>

<a href="Procedures%20for%20Workgroups%20and%20Individuals%20to%20Obtain%20Funds">Procedures for Workgroups and Individuals to Obtain Funds</a>

<a _fcknotitle="true" href="FAWG%20Background%20Check%20Procedures">FAWG Background Check Procedures</a>

<a _fcknotitle="true"

[Strategic Action Planning]

href="Strategic%20Action%20Planning">Strategic Action Planning</a>

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