Financial Accountability

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This page is the homepage for the Finance Working Group. Please fill this in with pertinent information and resources for newcomers. Use the Discussion tab above to start discussions.

Working Group Meeting Minutes

(Instructions for Uploading Minutes)

File:FAWG minutes Oct 19 2011 PM.txt

FAWG_minutes_Oct_14_2011_PM.txt - [task: download and transfer mins from wikispaces and upload here]

FAWG_minutes_Oct_15_2011_AM.txt - [task: download and transfer mins from wikispaces and upload here]

Working Group Forms

Cash Disbursement Request - File:OB Cash Disbursement Form.pdf

Finance Support Logistics


Operation Expenses

On-Going Expenses

  • Item - $xx.xx per (hour|day|month|year|mb|gallon|lb|etc)


Video Streaming Proposal - $3050 + ~$460 monthly

Total of Proposed Asset purchases needed : $3050
Total of Proposed Estimated monthly costs: $460

Finance and Social Policy

[This page is for Occupy Boston finance and accounting procedures. For discussions on general finance reform, etc, please look on the Issues link to the left and then look at the specific reforms/issues being discussed. Please keep this page to "internal finance".]




Based on: Finance Working Group at wikispaces