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There are many ways to take minutes at the General Assembly. Some people prefer to type them up using a note taking application, some prefer to put them directly into a Google Document.

Our ultimate goal must be to have minutes contained directly within the wiki itself. This ensures that minutes will be backed up, that there will be a log of who made edits, and allows us to have just one place to search.

For each set of minutes that you are ready to put in the wiki, fill in the form below and click the "Create Page" button. Be sure to fill in the information with @@s on the resulting page, and then cut and paste your minutes directly into the last section of your new page and hit save.

For an example of how a Minutes page looks review the GA Minutes page

New Minutes Form

Replace each item that is prefixed with an @@: @@Date: The numeric day of the month, e.g. 22 @@Month: Abbreviated name of the month, e.g. Nov @@Year: 4 digit year, e.g. 2012

<inputbox> type=create default=GA_Minutes_Day_Month_Date_Year preload=GA_Minutes_template </inputbox>


Sometimes people put minutes into a format that doesn't easily fit within the wiki. This should be discouraged, but if they already exist and cannot be converted to wiki, please follow these instructions:

  1. Please save the minutes as a plain text file (.txt format) on your computer.
  2. To upload the document, follow these instructions:
  3. Click Upload File in the bar on the left
  4. Select the file to upload and fill in the form including destination filename
    1. The naming convention is: "GA", underscore, the first three letters of the month, underscore, a two digit number for the day, underscore, a four digit number for the year, underscore, and then "AM" or "PM". (i.e. GA_Oct_09_2011_PM.txt)
  5. Navigate to the page you wish to place the file on.
  6. Click Edit on the page
  7. Add the latest minutes to the top of the list using the Embedded File tool at the top of the editor text box.
  8. Edit the file name on the inserted link to match the name entered as the destination filename during upload.
  9. Click Save Page at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Thank you!