GA Minutes Friday Sep 30, 2011

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Proposal Passed:Good Neighbor Agreement

1. **explained hand signals
2. **pep talk

3. **tactical
-in charge logistics and security
-tactical is by the third tree
-only some of us have blue armbands for identification
-we're setting up camp
-bring non-food donations to us
-we cannot keep personal belongings safe
-the park's wifi is probably being monitored
-bathrooms. 5am-1am south station
-trash collection
----places around for trash
----all cardboard, bring to tactical hq
(discussion on the tor browser)
(discussion on the using people's mic)
-deaf people need people's mic
-A 3/4th majority is needed to pass a vote
-suggestion for deaf people should move to the front
-speaking people should stand
-people's mic is off
-p.o.p. "We should continue because it's powerful."
-proposal- "Anyone who wants people's mic..
-"let's just use people's mic"
-wrapped up
4. ** Food
-there's still lots of food to eat
5. ** Legal
-you should all write the legal hotline on your arm
----nlg (nation lawyers guild) 617.227.7335
----aclu 617.482.3170
----this will be tweeted
-legal needs people to always (wo)man the table or anything else
-meeting "in this back corner"...  "unless we get kicked off..."
-we will reannounce location and have big sign. We'll let you know if we move
-There's a form if you're worried about getting arrested. They are with legal.
-Legal without a permit:
----walking on sidewalk, must leave half clear to respect pedestrians
----blocking a building, must be always moving.
----BPD said so. Also, give them 15 minutes notice
----also said: Tents are tarps are ok.
----do not talk to the police. ever.
-from NLG:
----if you don't want to be arrested do not put cameras in officers faces
----if you see an arrest, get: officers name, badge number an card number of office, persons name
-Legal is wearing bright gree hats
-NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL in the interest of arrest potential
-we're creating a bailout donations account.
-we have a pro-bono lawyer
-another lawyer can be texted for legal questions
-see legal before releasing video of an arrest into public
-more info on legal etc.. there's a handout at the table. 
(emergency announcement: Ambulence is on it's way. Don't freak out.)
[POI] - Who own's this park? "Land is owned by MassT managed by rose-fits greenway conservancy"
[POI] - Police don't like to be video-tapped, btw...
[POI] - this is the wrong format for this issue. Moving on
-any non-arrestable, come talk to us or check the blog
[POP] - can some people turn their heads this way? So we can hear? Thanks.

6. **Direct Action
-We have some good ideas about marching effectively
-idea one - march on college fest tomorrow at 4pm. Marching from here to Hynes.
[POP] "What is collegefest?" Collegefest is a gathering of different sponsers, companies, salesman, trying to sell different products to college students. Many students will be there. (There will be performers?) You don't have to march if you don't want to. Join us here at 4pm if you do. We'll recruit students when we get there.
[CLARIFICATION] "Are we only going to recruit? Or is there protest in us being there?" We are not protesting collegefest.
[POP] "All though I'm not opposed, can someone speak as to why this location has been chosen for us?" This saturday, financial district is closed. 
[POP] "We are not going inside collegefest. ok? ok."
new mic!
[Q] "I believe that we should march to college earlier because there will be more students earlier in the day."
I know it's tedious but isn't important to maintain a sense of community that we form a consensus?"
"DA was form to avoid the tediousness. Meet with "
"You can take autonou action and march anytime you like. You don't need our permission"
"There is another opp tomorrow afternoon against the wars. At the end of the day... *I CAN'T HEAR THIS DUDE*
[POP] "Go to the DA meeting to address concerns"
-another DA action is to illegally mark dollar bills with or or occupy the or occupytogether... make your choice
-college students should chalk sidewalks with
-final. schedule weekday marches every weekday at 11:30am and 5:00pm. Those marches may include freedom trail routes.
"Is it possible that second march can be slightly moved somethings for corporate slaves to participate."
"How's 6:30?"
seems like consensus

7. **Media
-we have Using this to keep everyone informed on a minute to minute basis. We'll post notes here too
-twitter is @occupy_boston and hashtag is #occupyboston
[POI] "Not everyone has internet access and not everyone knows what's going on. I propose a physical board here for ongoing decisions."
[POP] "Wait till speakers make points in entirety to ask questions 'n stuff"
-One last thing. The media team asks when speaking "This is my opinion, I don't speak for everyone here."
-Find Nadeem or Jason for official reponses.

8. **Outreach
-Amanda and nicole
-everyone here is part of outreach when you're at school, work, on train, spread word.
-We'll have flyers. Locations of flyers posted on website.
-Two major groups to focus on:
----unions and community organizations. If you have info on these two and can help, come to outreach group.
-Strength in numbers. Job of outreach is grow these numbers. We've come across a serious problem. When we go out into hoods, we need to have actual demands. We need to convince people why they should join us after working hard all day. 
If we're going to color communites "stop police brutality and forclosurs. Unions "tax corporations
students "Boycott student debt."

[POI] "Media works on message. Talk to us."

9. **Food
-sanitation is important when sharing meals. 
-Let us serve when we have the dishes.
-hand sanitizer. Bring your own. Use ares. Always use it.
-bring own food stuff
-food at 3pm. snacks throughout the day. 
-water is available 24/7
-we need donations
-We need walking distance location to fill up water jugs. See us at the bench back there...
-please bring prepared food if you'd like to donate.
-avoid comm 
eggs, nuts glueten, fish products, prefer vegetarian, but pizza is awesome
-label all ingredients and bring to food donation by booth where we serve.
-Immediate needs: Kitchens in the area to cook food
[Q] "Are we allowed to bring out own food cooking kits" Propane stoves are not allow. Avoid fire in area. 
We shouldn't cap the stack. It's exclusive.
It's a matter of time.

10. **Medical
-hygein is important. Wash hands alot. We have hand sanitizer too. 
-health and saftey training for protest stuff. Eye flushes from pepper spray. Holding that half an hour after GA.
-email for medical:
-medical area is the back where the grass starts. Blocked off with bags. Later we'll have a tent. Medics there at all times. We're wearing a red cross. We have people trained for mental/emotional help. 
[POI] "At last internal census, we are 1000 people about an hour ago"

11. **Arts & Culture
-gives thanks to people for acting awesome
-please act stewardly to this place we are allowed to use
-projects: music, theater, flash mobs and media performance, spirituality, drag shows would be awesome
-Culture: free school university, find Eden
-entertain educate and enliven occupiers, supporters, and passersby

Then speakers. Too tired to transcribe.
(Notes Taken by Rene P.)
Also published here