GA Minutes Tues Nov 22, 2011

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These are the notes from the Occupy Boston General Assembly

these are taken to the best of the note takers ability (Ethan H.)

they are not a direct transcript, where things could not be heard or understood dash marks are used (--)

7:41 85 people in attendance

introductions of roles

welcome to occupy boston

going over of hand signs


**facilitators accountability working group

  confusion about getting funds

  we have made it easier 857 417 7872

  email a new address to get funds

  to make process easier

   does not skip the filling out a form process

   question and answer we can not call 24/7

   person named bruce is on call 8am-6pm works in the area


  **part two to FAWG announcement

      some members have been sued by paul carnes and cidney cheryll

      there is a flyer circulating from paul and cidney that is anti F.A.W.G.

      these persons will try to

      next meeting 6pm wednesday in south station

**outreach working group

  all the good work that the working groups are doing

they are doing things two fold

needs mission and vision from working groups

needs actions from working groups

going to make a working doccument of accompolishements

to understand what each other are doing

“was blown away by how good we are”

this is needed for court! very important

don’t want a list of working groups

want a list of what each wg is working on

make it really public  on web site and with community

works at phone (857) 204-5653

internal working doccument and sharing and educating

mic check

site called

every group has or should have a space on that site where we can tell everyone what we are doing

mic check

on the wiki working groups have posted some extra things

i also suggest that you send an email to all working groups requesting this

care and comfort: Zoe

ensures or attempts to ensure the relative care and comfort for the activists involved in the movement

 develope a place to relax

legal Ben

one of the attourneys representing OB


temp restraining order was obtained further hearing on december 1st

mediation has not gone anywhere

the city said no to tents they must go

that was the long and short of it

they did come forward they showed up and did what court wanted

we don’t know what the mediatior will tell the judge but we look reasonable infront of the judge

we say tyhat the statute delegating authority to the greenway is unconstutional

for the sake of argument it’s protected speech-- the proctected speech is being here-- there is no ample alternative--

second announcement

had brief discussion about what we may have

one live wittness

5 affadavids

worried about giving out our legal strategie

judge asked for photos

submitted on december 1st

tuesday at noon is the deadline for submitting things

recognizing that this is the model for how society should work

we passed a well thought out proposal last week----

affadavids last sunday in legal tent

we may be dropping occupy boston as a plantif and have just individuals


occupy boston sunday 2pm to 5pm

develope comprehensive media proposal (?)

occupy sacramento sends out press releases every day

we need to bring public opinion back

two large flower beds are being moved tomorrow morning on wednesday about 8 oclock

we have the food tent!!!

it has been felt and touched woo woo

within the week we will have on site

***writers caucus Kevin

7pm wednesday nights at south station

workshop sat at 3 meet at ghandi

**non violence working group

buenos noches

good evening

mi nombre Jorge

this friday non violence workshop with john....

in the quaker tradition

10am till 12 in fed plaza

meet at ghandi and walk to south station

in the event of a camp shut down

on the day after the raid or shutdown

if there have been arrests

we will meet 815 at the brook new martin court house

to show solidarity with them during their areignment

7pm at the boston common band stand

hold general assembly

what steps we will take follow



person was out of town for a week and things were stolen


is the relation between people

we have a wonderful management structure

but the dishes aren’t getting done


you’re not too good to do dishes

if one has a dish scrape it off first before placing it in the bin

if it is placed into the water the water spoils faster

please help and please follow the rules

***campers ga

proposal for tomorrow about how the camp is structured wednesday at 11am


we are having a GA on thursday on thanksgiving

on that day we will decide on what to be talked about

it could be an open stack for things we are thankful for

turn up if you’re around!!

show your support!

** sherry the houseless and allies comunity working group

wants this working group

monday wed friday 6pm south station

have been discussing drafting a document and proposal for the homeless to be given to gov. patrick and mayor menino

want the housless to come to the meeting PLEASE EMAIL FOR MORE INFO

**faith and spirituality

remind everyone at the top of main street there is a tent avialable for everyone to

relax and stay rooted in love

if you have anythin gyou want to teach of share let us know


12pm cosmic zen session

**acts of random kindness

people from occupy boston will go and do random acts of kindness

some people have jobs and famalies and can’t get away

we can do something little for them

if you’re interested find Alex 

**Library and Safety eric

working on de escalation method

one on one method

solidarity from oakland and uc berkley !!!!

have been shot at and have perminant hearing loss from the events

at our ga that we learned that egypt has shown solidarity with them

tuition raised 89% within the UC system

***tod from info tent will be showing solidarity with philly as he travels there in the coming week

****occupy worster has been given a place to stay -- occupy LA received an offer to decamp -- 10,000 feet of office space a farm and housing for the homeless

meeting in copley square at 1pm december 3rd

there is a planing meeting this meeting 26 west street at 5 pm second floor



moight be awarre that we are having some problems

so -- thee problems involve issues with the food tent -- evictions -- and the broader comversation about racism and sexism -- they have been having a detrimental effect on the community-- many of the people are standing in front of you are white (talking about the large group that has assembled on the stage)

many cases these broader conversations have spiraled out of controll -- i don’t know if this is the forum to address them-- we need to not let them happen in private

mic check

there are clear issues -- of racist conversations happening in our comunity -- we are hurting each other -- we are hurting ourselves -- we have the potential to take these things-- groups of anti racist white groups-- of people of color-- have been talking over and over but it wil take us to iunderstand --- this is pivotal to our work -- this is not dividing out work-- this is our hope as groups of individuals --that we van be accountable to those most affected by systems of white supremicy-- that these people will take a look at how thios comes out ---in our personal relationships---it iw sithout doubt-- white supremicy---is a part of all the other types of supremicy that we need to talk about ----

mic check

are wr going to have an open and honest discussion around

tonight about an hour ago i talked to jamahl craqford

he expressed to me that he had hoped we would discussed

if we want to adress it here we need to address it here and with concern for those people

---everyone here taking accountability for yourselves

if we choose a time to have this conversation within the next 7 days will you come

*temp check most in agreement**

i think it’s fantastic that we have decided to talk about this

the important thing is that if we want december 3rd to be succesful we need to tlak about this asap

i want to propose that we have this discussion tonight

they’re goijg to let you know what is going on

hi gues i’m courtney from outreach community alot of people here know about the racial tension that has been happenng

there have been some issues here at camp

women of color have felt uncomfortable

emails have been sent that are inappropriate

white allies need to speak up about this

they are here standing as revolutionaries

if you have racial tensions that needs to be talked about

on t

my name is mec

i have been asked to speak from my heart

i may cry

i still lnow what i;m talking about

anyone who believes that talking about race willl divide us --is mistaken

those divisions came in with us in this movement

i’m really honselty want to do that  

i want to give everything

are you with me ?? (responce eys)

we are a communoity that resembles the world

before we can hange or liberate it

we have to awknolege that opression has always defeated every revolutionary movement

we are not exempt from that

we carry the aspirations to change this world

we carry thie (things) that most impacts marganalized groups

alos effects white people --internalized white supremacy keeps us from ourselves

i won’t use mic check

not seeing color will make the problem go away?

not seeing color is a form of denial

 if i act like i don’t see that this brother is black and beautiful

and likely to go to prison

then i am denied----i don’t want you to act like i’m not a lesbian

i want you to treat me no different because of it

who i am as a person is different than who i am as a person

if we just act like we’re smooth when we see black people that will make it ok

need to make a distinction between old fashioned bigotry and the things that are institutionalized in society

if a duck is a duck then call it a duck

we have not been able to learn how to call it a duck

sometimes my intent doess not match our impact

we hear people that make claims that racism going on

then the backlash is that OOOOOH NO IT’S NOT!

there is arrogance in that

white people trying to tell people that it’s not going on

what i want to do is try to have conversations about how we perpetuate racism without meaning to----

the structures and systems (need to make sure that they are not) maintaining the status quo

i’ can we please hear from people of color equal to white alli voices ----are you sure? because we've got some shit to say--- ,y brothers and sisters and other folks here do not have any issue with it --- brothers we stand here tonight as allies ---allies don't mean that we are here only to help when we look at the founding of our nation ---people came together they saw needs--to solve needs we got instititions--those institutions were created by people who look like me

it is the most difficult culture to see---not something we do as individuals

--it’s not about an interpersonal peice--what i see happening here--those same systems are being created here in subtle

please stay tuned to the next few days

*we are finished with announcements 9:04pm


it’s going to rain this evening be aware of that

going over hand signals

chris brings proposal to ga through the --- working group

reading of the proposal ---

the idea of right now is to try to get a concensus --

we have to have a city council sponsopr--- that will take a little time --

Q: could you clarify the relationship between menino and the city council

A menino is separate from the city council this is an appeal to the city council

Q who do you have in mind for a city councelor

A we need to get concensus on this proposal then we will think about who can sponsor it

thinking about the who seems non productive


appeal for all people present at the GA to be involved

Don’t be scurrred

point of information

the language in this proposal has gone through camp to many individuals and working groups

it is a relatively short proposal given all the things that are included

People are discussing now...

more of the factions that occupy boston is representing aren’t represented here

Concern: this is a little bit of POI and a little bit of concern-- the legal team did not approve edit or revise this doccument -- the legal support team of occupyboston has no position on this (proposal)

call for strong concerns or objections

now moving on to statements of support

SS: even if this fails we will find out who is a supporter and who is not

SS: i support this-- i see it as a part of our diversity of tactics--this one seems worthwile to me--

SS: this is not a statement of support of dissagreement-- what i do know is that the image of occupy boston within a lot of people in city hall is that occupy boston is not representative of their communities and that needs to be addressed

SS i think that this is an imperfect doccument--but it is so good that it puts us in a position--doing all things that will ----show respect for city counelors---i think we should just pass it

SS: i am a resident of the city of boston i just voted for the city council members---i support this --- if you need residents who support this -- and to go ------i will support this and go

SS: the first time i aw this purposal i said dear god no-- because that objection has not been brought i want to bring it--i thiink that a diversity of tactics means just that 0 supproting this purposal -- does in no way compromises those people who are concerned with working with the state

asking for amendments

A: i purpose that we do a what is it called a survey and collect signatures from boston residents who support this purposal *called a petition*

A someone on twitter wanted underemployment to be added

the proposers are going to get a chance to re write their proposal

hearing from medical

5 stethiscopes $75

ear thermometer needed $38

pulse ox (gives a pulse and blood oxygen level)

other items noted

$211.57 including shipping

second thing

some of our vests did not come in and we will need to re order the vests

Clarifying questions:

CC what is a pulse ox

it takes the blood ox level and give a pulse

CC can we not just get more covers

when we first started we had 6 stethiscopes and they have gone down to one

we will have a sign in check out list for the new stethiscopes

proposal is the same as when it was read however not taking in 30 more dollars to cover possible shipping and handling charges and the rest will go back to FAWG

re stating the proposal brought by Chris and Outreach

proposal goes through a second process with no new amendments


proposal passes!

Go on ot the wiki

email occupy boston outreach group about how to get involved

Now up we have a winterization proposal

Please save the boxes of joe!

This was proposed two weeks ago but there was not quorum

For one thousand dollars to build the tiny house on wheels

we have gotten 1000 from firedog lake to help build these

the iron workers and carpenters unions are involved with building these

they are built on bicycle trailers so they can be eaisly moved

want to make an appeal for this 1000 grant that would be matched

there is a build out date on the 29th

up to 1000 to build 8-10 trailers monies to be refunded with the proof of reciepts

taking clarifying questions

CC can you make it for more than one person

yes depends on how cozy

CC are you conc

CC are you concerned about BPD stopping you from them from coming in

or if they confiscate them

Yes there is some risk but they are mobile and the risk is low. If there is some reason we have to leave we can take them with

if we do it all at once that will be best

CC do we know of any liscence or building codes that prevent this kind of st

CC have we gotten ahold of critical mass to see if they are interested in being involved with bringing them in

Yes we have thought of that


POI The houses are structurally sound they are ---they look rather comfortable --i think it would servet he camp very well

CC? are they ventelated and safe to sleep in

I have slept in them and did not feel dizzy but they may be inproved


Concern  the cioty will use this as a quote unquote safety concern if they are not fire proof or ventelated to say that we are trying to build houses here

Concern I have a concern that may be unfounded given that I came in halfway into the conversation--what we are approaching in the next couple of weeks having to deal with the injunction --- have we clarified that with the lawyers yet ---about constructing and bringing in those beautiful smalll houses --

Response - i have not but will talk to a lawyer about this


SS I think these houses can provide a good strategy---we an take these to another spot and build occupations around the city

SS i am going to piggy back--little houses work --amazing gettaway supplies--occupy everywhere until we meet at the common

SS i am building one for myself

SS i think this could bennifit occupy boston and everywhere else as a model=--- this is amazing

SS george washington your firrst president said “you will do whatever you want you” you want to camp here,,, you camp here he was elected by 100% only to be president

SS the little house on the greenway it writes itself


I would suggest that you write in the proposal that you will find a way to fairly distribute these houses and how to get them into there

A  i agree with what he said and I have an ideas. those who want one should help build one

A we should provide malliable skimatics to campers so that they can source their own materials so that campers can build their own materials for free

A i suggest we come up with an awesome name that does not refer to them as houses

A If we are giving halt the money from our communal pot then we should figure out a way to hare them for communal housing to those who want to stay a couple nights

A i would say we should research a way to properly ventelate the homes

A I suggest occubagos (kind of like winnebagos?)

A please hear this as the hurmor that i intend to share what color are you thinking? i think we should paint them multi color


i propose up to 1000 dollars to be funded to build to augment the 1000 dollars

to increase the number of occubagos between 16-20

i am not the czar of occubegos

the group here is funding them and should decide who gets them

2-4 should be set aside for guest houses

design improvements will be included will be taking design improvements

it will be doccumented as a how to guide made avialable in the library

how to distribute the ones now

include that the winterizing group will discuss how to distribute them

probably on saturday IMPUT WANTED/NEEDED


CC I know we’re not supposed to use wood is there wood involved

These will be premade items and will probably pass the concern of wood being brought in

and yes I will talk to the lawyer


POI Technically acording to the city we aren’t even allowed to be here



this is awesome


Now moving on

thank you to the ideas working group


note we are 40 people in attendence

proposal by the ideas working group

this monday november 28th Ideas working group will be meeting to discuss

proposal by the ideas working group

questions regading the words left out and also why justice is not in the group.

concerns about key values that other groups hold are not include.  groups have been struggling to have their values heard - this list could alienate them.

two sers  of values missing:  anit-opression, racial justice and gender justice;  comm=unity history of strength and resistence.  stories in boston must be honored here.  

proposer answers concerns:  this list is meant to be a living document approved by the GA as a primer to take this back and build the document on the list.    Outreach to opressed groups was not done as much as it should have been.  This list reflects idess of a lot of people.  List is a condensing multiple ways of expressing our values.  Certain words were grabbed.  Just proposing words that might be useful.  

GA interrupted by camper

These notes were copied from this Google doc:

GA Minutes (1/2)