GA Minutes Week 18 - Thur Feb 2

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General Assembly


Occupy UMass has asked that there be no overnight visitors. People are welcome during the daytime

Women’s Caucus holding an open meeting (?)

Bill with occupy Boston TV was interviewed by the Boston Herald and the results were very positive

Occupy Somerville needs people to come to help make signs for the demonstration on their GA next Wed 1st church Somerville 7pm 2/8, for finalization of plans for the ensuing occupy the demonstration on Monday 2/13 5-7pm

Veterans for Peace

St Patrick’s Day parade march 18 from the t stop at Broadway

The Police Department thinks that Occupy Boston is going downhill. They expect 250 for the next march and expect 250 but we hope for 1000

This is a public relations move not a demonstration and the objective is to draw in people and to have fun

We ask that everyone stays in their group, there will be the raging grannies and the unions are coming in. If everyone stays in their group they are asking for solidarity and that everyone stays in their group

This is a family occasion and we ask that people do not wear face masks. Please wear your bandana around your neck

Wee have no problem with the mask if there is a taear gas situation

We ask that no one in this parade and since kids are there that no one uses profanity or uses any obscene gestures

The more people we draw in the more power we

Last year there was a haveproblem with Veterans for Peace so there is a call for more groups to participate

Keep re3aching o0ut to the people they know and the groups they know, we can draw more people into the movement and have a lot of fun

That is on March 18 at 2pm at the Broadway stop of the T% Redline, l;ook for the white veteran’s for peace flags

Health and Justice

Deborah Rochelle health justice boston

We are trying to think of various actions we can ge4t involve3d in in the upcoming months

We are thinking about running in the boston marathon

Are there any other people who would hold up the banners in the Boston marathon

We need people to hold up the banners for a few miles

We are also going to have some street theater on Sat morning at 8-9am at Harvard business school/ health care business conference/ we think there should not be any business in health care/ if anyone is interested, please let me know what is going on.

There is a group of people already running the marathon you might want to get in touch with them

Everyone has a general idea about spokes

Their initial meeting has been cancelled

You may want to continue to keep posted on what is going on out there


There is a group of people working on safety e 5 Saturday at 1pm

Good for those thinking about social justice and safety issues


Just got back from a trip to New York, Philly and dc

There are some interesting things going on in Occupy-philly

They are having some of the same issues as we do

They say hello

There is a second Occupy Boston media summit being planned, we will have an announcement with the date and time in an upcoming ga


There are no updates in regard to the Thompson island working group

April around the same time as the ga


In case anyone has receipts and needs reimbursement from FAWG

We are meeting Sat 3:30-4:45at community church, action assembly on Sunday at community church at 5 pm for more overarching

Community game on feb 6

Other info

monday feb 15

sustainable economy

Mon 2/20

Mon 2/27

Decolonize to liberate

Sunday 2-5 (city place)

Tuesday (5:30-6:45)

Women’s caucus presentation at e5 will be

After women’s caucus on

20th anti oppression

Saturday park st 1pm at park street

No war protest

Dan Cheeno

On behalf of media

If you have something to add to the calendar please use the calendar media form for your event

Click the top right contact us and tell us about your event and it will get added to the calendar

Bobbi has a concern that so many things are happening and they are not always on the calendar

The media cannot always chase people to see that things are on the calendar

Is there a working group that deals with the inconsistency on the calendar?

Terra point of information

Transparency and accountability group starting with Jimi and Terra

This is about sharing things openly about how things are done and decided at OB

The problem is that without everyone being on the calendar things are missed and overlooked

We need to have a conversation about why things were put on the calendar, and why not


Announcement about meeting sat 11, 3 to 5 (location to be determined)

Four longtime Boston activist about contacts and affinity groups

And there is a doodle page

Is there anyone in the room who is interested in talking about what they are thankful for

I will start with b and then Alex, than John and martin


I am thankful that people are not here, they are at the barstool Boston protest

I think it has taken a while for women to understand how important women’s issues are for Occupy Boston, thank you people for being here and not being here


I am thankful for after a long time of dealing with my family and going to a billion occupies to being back and being welcome back with open arms and dealing with my opinionated self

Craig Griffin and Paul (?)both made the all star team

So on a side note occupy basketball I am trying to work that out


I am happy that I have had and I have a lot of energy

I am thankful for finding a way to liberate some assets that I have

I am thankful for the library and I can go there and get on line and get some, some might say that’s socialism because we are getting some things passed

Thirsty Thursday are a fun thing

Harbor island is something to be talked about

I am thankful for knockout Barstoolz

I am thankful for the people who are protesting such a ridiculous thing. It is happening in front of the house of blues


I am thankful that Fox 25 had us in the studio talking about OB for two days in a row


I am thankful for the Occupy Philly people. They go through a lot. I was floored by their dedication

Many are unemployed and while trying to find a job give a lot to occupy and take in those who are worse off than they are

I am thankful for those who invest in this movement without the selfish what am I going to get mentality

Our first thankful Thursday has payed off awfully well

The church has asked us to stay away from the piano, it has been prepared for tomorrow’s concert

Sorry Cheri wasn’t here to see the first thankful Thursday

We are passing the box to raise fund for the ga, we raised 59 dollars on Tuesday which was more than half we needed to pay for the space that night

We have two proposals tonight


I have an announcement. Tomorrow we’re having a spaces meeting, it was blasted out over email today

There are pockets of people working really hard on a permanent indoor space and we have some incredible ideas about how this space could serve as an indoor Dewey and be a launching space for this movement

Meeting tomorrow are 6:30 at e 5 and wanted to make sure people knew about this

We have two proposals and two rollovers

Shouldn’t we check who is here first and then check on the rollovers?

There is one proposal

Is Deborah butler here?


We have two proposals

At the request of John Murphy we are checking for quorum

The way we use quorum for OB is we as GA if we are representative enough to make decisions

Before quorum we want to put people on stack

That is a reasonable request and a point of information/

Quorum is when we ask the audience if we feel that we can speak for OB, you have to make that decision personally and we take a count to see if we have quorum and if we say yes we take the proposals and we move

If you know that someone will be pissed that they are not here for quorum we shouldn’t take and pass proposals

Let’s hear what the proposals are first before we make the decision if we have quorum

We have one rollover proposal and one new proposal

I will read the rollover and then the new proposal

The spaces proposal

Matt and Anna

We want 90 minutes from the Saturday ga to talk about a safer spaces proposal sometime in the indefinite future

We will now check for quorum

Do we the members feel we can make decisions period for OB?

It is decisions in general.

There has been some confusion that quorum is proposal specific.

If we do not have quorum for one proposal we do not have quorum for any proposals

That is why we says decisions and not to specify around one.

Do we have quorum

It does not matter what proposals we have

It matters. I was requested to read the proposals.

Once quorum is deemed with us not having once we do not have it for the evening.

Quorum is deemed as saying do we have the prerogative to say we are making decisions for OB

Citizen’s United has a resolution

We stand in solidarity with OWS that money does not have speech and the the rights of human being s will not be granted to fictitious entities

If we do not have quorum it is not dead yet. You can raise it on Saturday. We sould like to make this decision before then

Any more questions about quorum?

Is this a particularly small ga meeting?

It is not

This is not the smallest group that we have approved a decision with

As we tried to note the other day there is not definite number for quorum

We make that decision at each ga and we are adults who can handle it

Do we need anything else to make this decision?

Do the members of tonights’ ga feel that we have enough people to constitute quorum?


We can discuss the meetings but we cannot make decisions about the proposals

We can take ideas from the general assembly on the space, we have it until

Martin this weekend as part of my job I was in a 48 hour hackathon and we should do something similar here

Safer spaces would you like to discuss your proposal with the GA. No

Citizen’s United are you interested in discussing the proposal?

Any questions about the motivations and goals?

Occupy Wall street passed this

2 page document. It is here

Not to confuse what we are trying to propose

We will have our own draft

This is a constitutional amendment for solidarity with OWS and a call for an amendment

We had a 2 page document and a 6 point plan with things that seemed obvious

This sums up the point of the document and has some other things we are talking about

There were things that are straight forward that we can get behind

Is this the language that other amendments being circulated about?

Basically yes

This basically says that money is not speech and corporations are not people

Are all of the groups on board? Groups working on this legislature throughout the country.

In the country who agree with this idea coming together to agree with the process

This is the language of OWS

Do the other national organization use the same language? Thye are using different approaches.

We believe that money is not free speech.

We do not want to discourage anyone from a particular amendment or to have people fighting amongst themselves

This is a concept

We are coming back in a couple of weeks with a more comprehensive document with more specific language.

All of these movements to amend the constitution are eventually going to stick

We have to get people talking about this at home

It’s what OWS came up with and we do not see fit to make a place about this.

There is a meeting about getting the groups together on campaign finance and teaching people about the issues

Volunteer at

Martin made a suggestion about talking about a hackathon

Someone suggested that terra talk about transparency

Alex suggested we a talk about the group discussion

We need to start individual stack

If anyone would like to be on stack we are taking that

Matt Carroll wants to talk about consensus

We are sitting together and it is a worthwhile discussion

Do you want to come down here?

Just an announcement on Tuesday about consensus

I want to make an announcement making consensus a discussion topic

Anyone else?


Just in general I keep talking a about depression/ the weather is cold and people are more depressed and medications are taken

I want to tell people to say hello and give people flowers, call people, and be nice to each other

We can all use the pick up

Why don’t we stop and talk to people when they are in the same spot, do the best you can and stay around, that might keep people moving forward

Janus Jackson

Doing homeless ministries since 1999, Dewey was my location, when the tents went up I called it gentrification

This is a tough time of the year, I hope you keep up the fight, this is the beginning of a second American revolution

I told Mel king if this revolution continues they may assassinate Obama which is why the NDAA passed this year


I want to say something. I feel we are a definite threat to the powers that be. While we have no leaders I think we can be picked off. I’m sorry if that sounded stupid but I have been at this for many years

I would like to amplify what Bobbi and Janua said

I do not want to go on live strem

Two weeks ago we celebrated the birth of MLK day in the course of which was made many reference to his assassination

I am well informed that MLK was picked off, with reference to the vulnerability that each of us has in the months to come

MLK was executed not assassinated

The fashion designer Versace was stalked by Cunanin abnd assassinated and since he was famous this applied

MLK and JFK were executed by agents and agencies by the US government

The fbi, cia the us army and the sharpshooter from the Memphis police department fired the fatal shot

I propose that we have and educational seminar on the weekend preceding the assignation of April 4 that we invite as a major speaker the attorney that litigated the case in 1999 after the murder in Memphis, William pepper about the execution of the agents who picked off MLK because he was organizing the poor people’s campaign in Washington. In the course of ensuing weeks I’d like to further this discussion

Matt wanted to make a response

We are more like a hybrid than a zombie in a leaderless movement

Ever thing we are doing is creating resilient

It is incapable of stopping us


I am a system engineer and I am not afraid if they come and try to get me

It is better to have people who are sensitive and knowledgeable. I am not going anywhere

People should be more afraid of doing nothing

Sarah Owacki

Keep in your thoughts and pray for the 77 people who died following a soccer match in Egypt, it should be friendly sport and turned out not being

I hear about the comparisons and it is very complicated to compare what is going on in those countries is not al fun and games and in this case a game went really bad, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers


Going off of what Terra and Matt are talking about

I know that you heard about Susuan Komen defunding Planned Parenthood

The backlash has resulted in the donation s and the money that the Susan Komen foundation pulled from planned parenthood has been donated in the last couple of days

because of the internet and the hyper kinetic world that is the power we have to raise 500K in two days


A few weeks ago the Madison protest started, let’s not forget about what happened in Wisconsin, they went after the collective bargaining of the people. The four state senators left to prevent a quorum

When I left on that Saturday there was the tsunami in Japan. Blocked out the news

Anyone else want to share or talk about another topic

Sustainable economy group

Matt Carroll, not to gut next Tuesdays assembly there is an anarchists potluck, anti-authoritarian and anti corporate (2/7/12) 7pm lucy parsons by the Jackson sq t stop in Jamaica plain

we are free flowing tonight


Don’t gut the ga

I am thankful for the fact that there are so few of us and most are out on a n action standing up against misogyny

I usually don’t like to see ga’s losing quorum

I think the safer space3s statement is important

I see Keegan and I know that proposal was very important

As many of us that can be at the ga Saturday I hope you will be there and engaged in the decision making process.

I read a great deal during mid-January when I saw the numbers dwindle during the night

I had nowhere to go to leave ga and no longer had a 70 hour week and I felt displaced and dislocated

When I was spreading what was going on, we are in hibernation like acrocus waiting to pop out in spring and waiting to see the action and intensity that we saw in late summer and fall

We had nearly 100 at the last ga

150 at the citizen’s united event

We had a good turnout at the solidarity with Oakland

We are still her and strong, we are just morphing back into the monster we were in the fall

Hang tough Patty

BC this is not a ga I am not facilitating, I want to get on stack’

I wanted to say that going to the T meeting and getting angry and yelling at the manager, it felt good to march and yeall and scream and get angry again.

You could pick up a sign and march and chant and do anything

We cannot get angry and yell and scream when we are in churches and basement

I look forward to marching with veterans for peace and for whatever we decide to do on April first which might be a new encampment, maybe not at Dewey square

If we hadn’t been watching the news and hadn’t happened to stand up and go that night we would not even be here, because the news covered it and we were thinking about going to wall street so we didn’t have to go.

Anyone else?

The concept of prioritizing our main OB events

We have 89 work groups,

There are little groups and large groups

With the direct actions every group of four cannot call a march

As we prioritize we will come back together for larger events


The live stream just went out-

Do you want to go out and have a beer or call it a day?

Is this one of the places where we pay by the hour? No we pay 80 whether five minutes or four hours

We are trying to raise the funds every night for the space

The question is up to the group

If the working group wants to


We are about

I am not the best to talk about how lack of transparency leads to oppression

It is really important and I am a transparency activist

Little people are outside of public meetings discussion governance then they come back to the meeting public and decide what we are going to do

We then have open meeting laws to make sure that this doesn’t happen

It requires posting 487 hours in advance with an agenda to discuss what is going on

If it is not on the agenda they cannot talk about it so you cannot get caught off guard

We are not adhering too it here at OB

We have to discuss if we are going to do stuff like that

Not having any standards allows us to have sparks of creativity

So they get together and come to the meeting after they a have already voted on something

I would like to get some feedback on what you think about that

Are open meeting laws important?

Madison , Wisconsin a meeting of four to five met and convened and person shouted them all down saying they could not do this. In a short period they passed a quorum with four or five people in the room.

Sometimes we have quorum, other times we do not.

How the rigidity of having this gets into flux

It is a valid one of the basis for oppression is that you trust everybody

I can get you to do what I want if I can get you to trust me

Then we share information there is no reason not t , we tweet all over the place

It takes very little time

What happens is we find out that a meeting is happening, and decisions are being made because people are excluded and not invited, these practices are what got us to the system that we are fighting now

That is exactly what we are running up against.

We don’t want to recreate the same system that we are fighting against

By being transparent we are fair to one another

All eyes should be there

Amongst some other things a lot of things are in people’s homes and we ask people to rsvp and that this is transparent enough there was a talk today in facilitation

You are not here to represent yourself, people should attempt to make these meeting.

Some announcements are made and some only show up to those that they think matter

With so many meeting s you cannot be at all of them, this weekend there is another summit and you cannot go to all of them. People have to work and it is a privilege to be able to have time to come here.

The calendar problems are often laziness

We need to have a standard

These are not fault of the human data, but is sounds like things take the place of a proposal and we want to pursue standards so that oppression through non transparency does not happen,

The contact information should always be available to check on upcoming events

There should be goodwill that people are not acting in a nefarious way, there should be standards for the calendar updates including contact information

When do you list it on the calendar and when do when post it

We might be hanging out at a certain place and since we are part of this group ideas are sparked that way

Gender, spokes or an anti-oppression idea is talked about in a social way and one night after a ga at what point do call it a real meeting

At a point is common sense that it looks good for the wiki


I think some of it is acknowledging that for years back

One example the night of the notorious proposal that resulted in all types of drama the following morning , not because anyone planned it, our email software decide that we would not be on the media listing anymore which was really bad timing so Sarah got really upset

Having some kind of common ground and things like this

Things do happen organically, there may be better ways to communicate

The FB happenings on FB have problems when people delete things and we don’t know who deleted,

We have good reason

My point is if you weren’t there to establish more trust and communication, we don’t want this written , but mutual understanding where we are coming from

We are asking people to make things more public more early one

The thing about the spokes council in the next week and a half we will have more frequent and regular security culture trainings

We need to understand these things much better


We lose strength as a community if we are hiding things from each other


I think when people talk about transparency I have to stop from removing myself from the conversation and one night three working groups started in my tent

I should have taken notes that whole time

I cannot help it that that happened and that it evolved that way

It would have started that thing that I was an evil dictator trying to run occupy boston, there are times when people need to have transparency

How many working groups post their notes in a major different way.

Carol It think we can use common sense and people do not. There is common sense to go beyond we had a great idea to we are going to have meeting ans plan things that are of great significance to OB

That is the point that we make things transparent


I was going through the experience that we have had problems there with transparency

The POC group does not feel comfortable and do not come to the meeting

We have to make the groups easier and inviting

There is stuff to make the OB overall structure more inviting

What has been mentioned is at what point does it have to be transparent

I want to cede time for a moment to ask how it went at knock out barstoolz

It was really great a ton of northeastern school, a march to house of blues

People were spitting on us as we walked by, that was a small group

There a was a big line of people and there was a big rally, there was an alternative dance party

The creator of barstoolz showed up for the speak out and demanded to talk and it was like, no

They are still at the house of blues

Did you talk to people in line and ask them shy they were ther

Some got it others didn’t

Some people got their tickets taken away

Most people were pretty drunk

Other than barstools was there a corporate sponser

They used Northeastern’s name in thehe promotional materials, but I don’t know if there is a sponsor

Back to transparency

My question was, at what point, is it fair, If I have an idea I put things up on and email / if it is significant enough and you are going to meet with a bunch of people it is significant

Several people have had issues with the way that the spokes persons group developed, it was obvious that it grew organically

Should there initially be an email exchange?

We need a less theoretical discussion

This is sort of getting a little, it seems unrealistic and onerous to ask someone to announce everything

It should feel like a task to put on wiki that we had a conversation about citizen’s united

When I told jimi two feathers that the response about what had happened in spokes it was ok.

People might be offended later

I can go to any of these spaces

The point is that other people don’t know

The spokes group was broadcast widely at GA

There are no longer insiders

The spark that is the micro thing, what are the standards that we are struggling for?

If the couple of people had and idea driving in their tent or in a car

To go from that to saying that we should get a group of people to talk that has real significance for occupy boston that has significance you should have open meetings as soon as you decide that

Once you get beyond that you can talk about what are the structures of OB

Before things are further developed

We should have these conversations more in person and less in email

There are conversations good and bad that go along in email

Martin and then Richard


For established groups one thing that has hurt me and I am trying to deal with is that the group I am most involved with is media and lot of things happen behind closed doors

Facebook outreach was secret because we don’t want people to know who what is to influence in the ga

This may not be valid, and emergency broadcast system has a media tem member rot message to it. Ten people are on it to get a text message saying media should do this

I liked Daniel’s proposal that we are all leaders and when you call people out on this we are on the curtain of what not all the time and often is not an intentional it starts this thing

It is something about he over regulation and I do not want to read notes from biddy’s

When people wake up in the morning and remember there might be something there

You can have lots of good ideas, but if you are going to act on it within th the working group let people know, in the larger group let people know, later if it is a great idea you want to bring common sense that it is an organizational and not an interpersonal discussion, or isf you only discuss with certain people it is deliberately exclusive+


My hesitance comes from watching my community act in poor fashion with OB

I talked to John Ford every night what we thought about people etc,

Many things we talked about never had an impact on any decisions and many had a lot of impact on the notes about what happened in these meetings

If we do things that results in major progress things start to happen and things pick up

Dan Chavez

I think that there is not only one official body called the GA that are inclusive and running that way

We have many working groups that are formed that way

We can encourage it by making the groups work, we cannot regulate working groups

I think

People feel things are going on behind their backs and that there have been factions formed

There should be an open community. everyone should be allowed to weigh in

I go to meetings all the time and I demand that we know what is going to be discussed

The lack of transparency going on now, the original intentions show bad formed in having many things solidified in a narrow scope and then wait until late rto bring it to the wider group


The WC and POc are closed meetings

Ther was a famous case where the boston school district wanted to have a decision made ahead of the vote, they got three hotels room and had people come through and established the position before the meeting.

They called friends and developed a position outside of quorum, so quorum of people have offended the intent of the open meeting guidelines

I want specific standards

I tend to want to be inclusive and have everyone involved

No have everyone invited not just those who care about a certain issues

It was a surprise to me when my information was not posted, my information

I understand the human impulse to go against the types of cliques that are forming

I don’t want to pile on the same groups

Once a miscommunication is cleared up, two meetings before going fully public is not an awful thing

A fairly major group that sparked an idea that brought people in

Finally there was a formal announcement of the SAA group for Sundays

They announced that they were working on it for a while

It was a group of people who had and idea and then they brought it to the GA

I know these individuals very well the idea was brought to me many time, two and a half weeks it was brought before it was brought to the GA


This is good to talk about

A few things, not to say that this should be talked about, we do understand that what two talk about in the privacy of their own home will be between those tow people and unless they are going to act later it is still private

If three people decide to commit grand larceny in the name of OB it is grand larceny

If three facilitators get together and call together a facilitation meeting to invert the process of the general assembly, it is a large thing that the general assembly needs to talk about

We have little things and big decisions that need to be talked about going forward and thaqt there needs to be a middle area of more than two or four or five to move forward in liiatiaon of something we want to know where the line of disclosure comes

Practical too, is where the point of contact puts it (the meeting or event) on the calendar

I love the SAA, I do not think using positives are a reason for advocacy

We did this and this and it turned out to be positive

SAA’s ar going well, but maybe we failed in it’s formation. where we have our own problems absolved we are included in groups we were previously excluded from our social circles We should not have to think of everything, but think of the future and not as individuals who have excluded people

We need more middle ground


People are not taliking about their personal needs being met, but what is in the best interest of the group


I like what Ethan said,

I think I would implore us not to do what the rest of society does, we need to take a scaple or a sledge hammer to it

I think for the most part people can talk about what they want to talk about

I don’t want to hear the side conversations and about what Patty and Jorge talk about every night

For the most part 99% OF THESE conversations are non malicious and they just happen and organically pop up

Some are drunk, I don’t want to read it

There are some that are trickier

I can speak of two working groups that I am a part of and how they dealt with it

That might shed some light into a solution into how to deal with it

Way back in November ot October there was an individual in a tent in a working group who wanted to change how our website traffic was handled, so late at night he sent a couple of texts that said I want to change our traffic to this. They were avoiding people who they knew had a problem with this, in the next text meeting the way they solved it was a good solution

They changed the traffic, if you want to do that you have to do it in an 8 person meeting

If you do something medium not huge meeting you can attach it to an email

Then they voted that if you agree you can do that

Tech did a good job there

The other working group there were a couple times when out of the 28 fb admins, four met and voted that they could vote the others off

One individual alone met at two in the morning about only given these four people access

There are instances when this happens and there has to be some kind of structure to prevent the misuse and we need better principles


One solution I agree with is if that any working group in occupy boston be inclusive and post all minutes of the meeting

Anything more than that is what I would want to do

Post meeting minutes and a post contact information

One public meeting every two weeks


This needs to be discussed more widely

We said we were going to have an open discussion and we are having an open discussion

The FB was an interesting situation and it was created by an individual

The adding of admins was something that got out of hand with 28 admins

The group does not know whose responsibility

The admin was started by and individual for Ob

He invited three or so to join in and it was was four

Random people started inviting random people

What happened was a lack of responsibility and people who were offended by the lack of responsibility and this added to the lack of transparency

In that same vein we need to know more about working groups in general

The core of ga talks about things than cannot fit into occupy boston as anything further to make a blanket statement about transparency

How the working groups functions is about how things are or are not making sense

A couple of things I am looking at is not about discussion but decision making

We are making a conversation about transparency that should not stop because we are not making a decision making body

We can be a collection of individuals

Time and access resources to come to a consensus

Nothing is inherently wrong

I think this is a complicated issue

When we started the arts group we had an affinity group and then had an open meeting

there was no problem with that

I do feel differently about groups who come together to present major policy proposals about how occupy boston is run

How we set the terms of the discussion and how we propose the questions and have the discussion has a lot to do with how the proposals evolve.

Putting it out is advance becomes problematic

Once it is presented in a certain way, these decision should be open early on other wise things harden without the best way to think about the problem

To make a claim malleable again make it easier to tighten up

Temp check on continuing the conversation

Can we post these minutes?

The topic needs to be discussed amongst a wider group of people over a wider group of people.

The occupy boston fb page there was group that had a separate admin