How to Post an Article on Wordpress

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Occupy Boston's website runs on wordpress. Wordpress is a popular piece of software for building web sites and blogs. This article will tell you how to make a basic blog post.

Go to Sign in.

After signing in, you'll see wordpress's dashboard. Wordpress articles are called "Posts". From the top menu, choose "new -> post". (You can also use Posts -> Add New from the menu on the left.)

On the "Add New Post" page, you'll be able to choose between two editors: the "Visual" editor (which looks like a standard word processor), and the "HTML" editor (which lets you work directly with html markup). Try both, and choose the one you like best.

Want to add a picture? Above the editor, there's a little image of a camera, next to the words "Upload/Insert". Click the camera to upload an image.

As you're editing, click "Preview" to see what your published article will look like.

You can send a tweet (from the @Occupy_Boston twitter account) about your post. Scroll down the "Add New Post" page, and look for "Custom Twitter Post". Be sure to put "#url#" in the tweet; this creates a link to your published article. Read your tweet two or three times before publishing; once you publish the article, you won't be able to change the tweet.

Choose one or more categories for your article (via the "Categories" checkbox on the right).

Finally, where you're all done, click "Publish" (the blue button on the right). This publishes your article on the front page of the wiki. If you added a "Custom twitter post", that will be tweeted.

You can edit your article after posting. (But you cannot edit any twitter post that accompanied it.)