Individual Action

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Here's a list that we can refer to when people say, "but what can I actually DO to help "the movement". Here are some ideas:

ECONOMIC VOTING (vote w/yo buck):

- buy local

- move your money from big-bank to local credit union (credit unions are run by members who control the direction/policies)

- buy from "responsible companies"

- support healthy food chains (buy local, eat as much organic as you can, try not to support toxic chemical companies, make new page w/details]

LOCAL GOVERNMENT - get involved in your local government. going to meetings and voicing concerns (about things like [make page] how the government uses toxins in its operations, how it acts exclusive by not having things online, over spending impact on middle class, better housing practices to promote rooming houses, etc.) Government is controlled by the people that actually go to the meetings.

- register to vote (yeah, a lot of us don't like "the system", but we're in it, so let's at least vote)