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(Formerly Inreach)

The Info WG aims to improve internal communications within Occupy Boston. We believe that enhanced communication and coordination within our community will allow us to advance the Occupy movement more effectively.

We assess the communication structures and gaps of the OB activist community and develop forums to enhance communication between working groups and individuals. We currently are meeting on Wednesday's at 5pm.

Right now we are working on developing a central Communication Hub (CommHub), a database run by OB volunteers to collect, organize and disseminate useful information for working group members. We believe the the successful implementation of this tool will allow us become a more cohesive social movement.

Please contact to join the effort.

Our meetings are every Wednesday 5:30 - 7pm at United for a Fair Economy (29 Winter St., Boston)

Meeting agendas are here: [1]

Meeting Notes 3/8

Occupy Boston Info WG Agenda Wed Mar 7 2012

Facilitator: ?

(Order to be determined at the meeting.)

- Designate a notetaker
- Intros
- Agenda review and approval
- Report backs from last week
  • - We have a OB pamphlet
  • - We have a flier
  • - OB TV might do some advertisement
  • - Daily Digest, no progress, Anna will contact Anna for email 
- Open House planning
  • - Advertising 
  • -Internal flier to go to WG's
  • -follow up with tech to send flier on obgroups list
  • -Bobby will make FB page
  • - Bill gives him information
  • -Brett fills out MEdia submission form
  • -Bill will work to get MBTA and April 1st
  • - Logistics
  • -Bands: Farhad looking into second line
  • - Billy Wilder: Brett
  • - St. Paul: Nick B. going to reach out to Greg Murphy about St. Paul Permission
  • -Layout:
  • Do we want an intro mingling time or 1/2 hour or so?
  • -Intro Speaker
  • -ALL or SOME WG speakers- very quick
  • - Have video presentations were many people present on what OB is for them?
  • - PEople might not go for more than a 1/2 hour
  • -We should have hte Info WG by the door to talk to everyone and be friendly, giving information and recommending WG's, introducing people to people. Retail Strategy

- Formalizing process for agenda making and notetaking (Farhad)
  • From now on, the agenda will go out on an ether pad format and notes will be taken during hte meeting that will be put on the wiki after the meeting. The note taker is responsible for doing that.
- Potential Merger with InterOccupy (Farhad)
  • Proposal: Info WG takes on some duties of interoccupy (coordinating, coordinating conference calls, coordinating national calls to action
- Revised mission statement (Farhad)
- Clarification around WG name, email addresses, lists, etc (Farhad)
- Daily Digest update (Anna & Farhad)
-Submission for Media form

- Designate a spoke for the next M17 spokescouncil