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Occupy Boston General Assembly

Sailors and Soldiers Hill, Boston Common

Facilitator: Justin Almeida

Notetakers: Noah McKenna, Gregory Murphy, Carolyn Magid

Working Group Anouncements

1) Occupy Monsanto -  60 to 70 people at anti- Bio-tech, anti GMO Rally, on 6/18, including OB, Occupy Monsant (from DC), NOFA, Leah Collective, Ciclovida

2) Facilitation - a Facilitation skill share is on for the July 9 Community Gathering, 6:30 to 10:00

3) S17 - 1st meeting scheduled for July 7, @ 2:00 PM, email Tessa F if you want to join, she will create a mailing list.

Individual Announcements

1) Ellen F. - heading to Montreal, this coming weekend

2) Ariel N. - , NYC judge sentenced her friend Mark, of OWS, to 45 days at Rikers Island for D17 action winter occupation attempt at Trinity Church in NYC. He could have appealed but was facing a one year process (at least) and the possible outcome of jail time.  Discussion ensued: Trinity Curch is the largest landowner in NYC and really exerted pressure for guilty finding.


1) Joe C. - move all GAs to State House steps

2) Angela G. - add two pre-planning meetings to S17 WG schedule to deal with issues of accountability, transparency, POC inclusion and political analysis

3) Terra F. - reconsider S17 funding proposal

4) Kendra M. - asking for $600 to $800 for Bastille Day Art Festival funding

5) Jen M. - proposes S17 matching grants totaling $7000 to be given to local community organizations

6) John M. - asks for $60 week for OB day camp

  1. 4 & #6 remain in Proposal Bucket, thereby passed and accepted by General Assembly

Proposal #2 is voted to be first on stack