List of Goals

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If it's got one "-", then it's a category unto itself, and if it has two "--", then it's "under that category". I envision that the categories will roll up and become "the goals", and the details will be targetted milestones under a specific goal.


- Amend the constitution to declare the right to basic healthcare, basic income, basic shelter healthy food, clean air/water
- Amend the constitution to end the corporatocracy and restore inalienable natural rights to individuals and the environment
- Nationalize the Healthcare System
- Zero-Sum Budget the Tax Code
- Flat Tax (no deductions)
- Campaign Reform
-- Publically funded elections
-- Free/equal prime time airtime w/major broadcast stations, as a permit condition , for all candidates on the ballot
-- Proportional Representation & Instant Run Off Voting
-- Abolish the electoral college (popular vote for President wins)
- Give racial minorities first use rights to wide ranging commons that encompass air, open land, housing and water

We can do ACTIONS NEXT. Let's keep this list to GOALS?