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This page is to LIST THE ORGANIZATIONS that are out there fighting for change and to show how they contribute to our vision, or are detracting from getting us there. This is "our view", as it develops. This went through a few rounds on the Occupy-Strategy list, before the information was consolidated and put here.

Scroll down to see both the categories that we're using (change them if you like) and which groups falling into which categories:


  1. 1 profit focused/predatory capitalists and their agents. ALEC, US Chamber of Commerce (as oppose to the locals)
  1. 2 socialists and professional lobbiers, advocacy groups, organization/empire builders w/vested interest in relationships with media and/or no-change government) These groups "talk 3" but "act 2". Reformers that want to keep #1 intact. Groups that take and pander to big money, donors and legisators.
  1. 3 soft sustainable (triple bottom line) capitalism, and their agents advocacy groups without a vested interest in profit-over-people, building large salaries for themselves, or economic growth in and of itself)

CONSOLIDATED LIST (includes Brandi's list, but I took out Sundance and SXSW...and media events PLEASE ADD INFO ABOUT WHAT THESE GROUPS ARE ACTUALLY's hard to tell from their rhetoric. (advocacy, education, public awareness, legislative/lobbying, specific project: stop pipeline, others?) (Cateogry: 2?)

ALEC (Category 1)
All-Ages Movement Project
Alliance for American Manufacturing
Allied Media Projects
Alternate ROOTS
America Votes
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
Applied Research Center / Colorlines Magazine
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance

Backbone Campaign
Ballot Initiative Strategy Center
Blue Green Alliance
Burning Man Project: Educational group showing people how "to be". (Category: #3, but with a sliver on #2, because of their control mechanisms
and exclusive governance)
Bus Federation
Business for Social Responsibility

Caring Across Generations
Center for Working Families
Chamber of Commerce, US/National (Category 1)
Chamber of Commerce, Locals (Category 1/3, depending on the local)
Clinton Global Initiative
Code Pink
Coffee Party USA
Common Cause (Category 2)
Congressional Black Caucus
congressional progressive caucus
Conservative Political Action Committee
Council on Foundations

DNC Youth Council
Democratic Socialists of America (Category: 2?)
EDF (Category 2)

Free Press
Free Speech for People (Grade 3, with a sliver into 2...this may change if they adopt the anti-org right to assemble/speak language that MTA's got going on)
Future of MusicCoalition: Information freedom (Grade 3?)

Global Exchange (Category 2/3, partically 2 because of their legislative ties?)
Green Party education/awareness, takes positions on legislation, but nothing specific. Green New Deal has a lot of stuff, but too much to get anything specific done? (Grade 3, w/sliver in 2, because of its empire building focus)


IAF-SE and Bank Accountability Campaign
Immokalee Farm Workers (Category: 3, democratic governance, sustainability, they are walking the walk)
Inspired Legacies
Interfaith Power and Light
Its Our Economy (Category: 3)

J Street

Keystone Progress

League of Young Voters
League of Women Voters (Category 2)
Liberty Tree

Move to Amend - Move to Amend (advocacy, education/public adwareness, specific projects: amend constitution, local ordinaces/resolutions) (Category: mostly 3, but lots of ties to 2, because of co-option by Common Cause, LWV, other too-big-to-effect-change lobbyists)
MoveOn (Grade like 3 sometimes, but definitely solidly in #2)

NAACP National Action Network National Council For La Raza National Domestic Worker Alliance National Education Association National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (Grade 3?, or ties to 2? been a while since I've worked closely with them) National Organizers Alliance National People's Action Neighborhood Funders Group Netroots Nation Netroots NY New Organizing Institute NRDC (Grade 2) NWF (Grade 2) One Arizona Organizing 2.0 Personal Democracy Forum Pew Charitable Trusts PFAW PICO Planned Parenthood Policy Link Progressive Democrats of America (Grade: mostly 2, but partly in 3 because of specific push back actions) Public Banking (education/public wareness, specific project: take state money out of private banks) (Mostly 3, but relies too heavily on ties to 2) Public Citizen Rebuild the Dream Rock the Vote Rockwood Leadership Institute Roosevelt Institute Campus Network Roosevelt Institute | Pipeline SEIU SEE UNION LIST BELOW Sierra Club (Grade: 2) Social Venture Network Strike Debt (education/public awareness, specific project: end healthcare debt) (Grade: definitely 3) Sustainable Business Network (Grade: 3, they are all about co-ops and social enterprise) The King Center The Management Center Unions (SEE SEPARATE LIST BELOW) Unitarian Universalist Social Action Committees United for a Fair Economy (Grade: mostly 3, but solidly in 2, because of firm socialism belief structure) United Farm Workers (Grade: mostly 3, with tiny ties to 2) United States Student Association (USSA) US Action US Food Sovereignty Alliance Us Uncut Veterans for Peace mostly just education and awareness, but backs specific legislation, (Grade: mostly 2 but partially in 3) Victory Fund We Are Ohio We Are Wisconsin Web of Change Women's Funding Network Working America World Social Forum Young Democrats of America Young Invincibles

UNIONS (let's make a separate list) AFL-CIO (Grade: solid 2) Teachers (Grade: mostly 2, sliver of 3 talk) Iron Workers (ditto) Steel Workers (ditto) SEIU (Grade: most 3 than the others, but still solidly 2)