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Please 'edit' this page and sign at the bottom whether in support, opposition, or neutral regarding this change.

Revision proposal 1

I added links and copied content to the home page the things that are important enough to be on the home page, but not important enough to be in the side-bar: the GA link, Media, Participate, and Calendar pages might as well be linked on the home page. The sidebar can be used to get to the home page containing an even larger list (or lists) of the most relevant links 'about' Occupy Boston. The sidebar would then contain a link to the list of working pages, a link to the recent changes, a random page (for perusing and getting a feel for things, or for editors who want a random page to improve), the a I suggest we revise the sidebar to look like this:

I think this would make the wiki less messy and more inviting. Implementation of this structure will be beneficial to the use of other changes I have already implemented (moving the Calendar to the Home page, adding a 'bar' of links centered at the top of the home page, categorizing the working groups, and adding the help content section). Please let me know what you think, and if an admin approves, please implement the change.

Thanks. - OneKarmaT/C 18:43, 28 December 2011 (EST)

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