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The following proposal was passed at the General Assembly the evening of December 20, 2011:

 Mutual Aid Working Group Proposal

The Mutual Aid Working Group proposes that we, as the OB family, set aside 5K from the general fund for members of the OB family who are facing hard times with limited-to-no income. The use of the funds would include but not be limited to the following:

1- $25 a week for an individual to house each houseless OB family member if the host accepts

2- T passes

3- Winter gear not provided by logistics

4- Emergency housing funds if OB individuals can’t provide accommodations

5- Undergarments

6- “Non-essential” bills like cell phones or utilities

In order to be fair and transparent, an individual must have 2 OB sponsors to verify that they are indeed OB activists and in need. Individuals will be asked to fill out a request form with info from these sponsors (form will be attached).

The need for Autonomy is key. This proposal will go to those OB members with income, to be fair as even people with jobs and homes face tough choices. Knowing that some will not want to identify themselves openly, confidentiality will be protected. We ask that individuals self-identify and assess their own level of need, i.e., there will be no income checks.

We propose to identify 3 members from FAWG as the main people to disburse funds at GA who will keep copies of these forms and keep a running tally of funds disbursed.

We propose that a weekly allotment of $200 go toward the advance purchase of weekly T passes to be distributed at GA to anyone who needs them.

Some charities have suffered in this economy and this is how to help our brothers and sisters within the Occupy Movement, and where many may not meet the criteria from outside agencies. To augment these funds there will the creation of a We Pay button.

This is a temporary proposal meant to support occupiers in need until such time as we can acquire permanent housing for our movement and members.

We will revisit this proposal on a month-to-month basis for possible revision based on how well it is working.

Contact: obfinance [at] Linda and Rita monitor the disbursal of these funds.