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*Explore the '''[[:Category:Working groups|working groups]]'''
*Explore the '''[[:Category:Working groups|working groups]]'''
*Learn about the '''[[General Assembly]]'''
*Learn about the '''[[General Assembly]]'''
*Join the [https://lists.mayfirst.org/mailman/listinfo/community_forum Community Forum] listserv
*See '''[[Media]]''' created by or about Occupy Boston
*See '''[[Media]]''' created by or about Occupy Boston
*Join the '''[http://www.occupyboston.org/irc-chat-live/ Live Chat]''' (IRC) with other Occupiers
*Join the '''[http://www.occupyboston.org/irc-chat-live/ Live Chat]''' (IRC) with other Occupiers

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View all working groups ~ Learn about the General Assembly ~ View media written by or about Occupy Boston

Note: View the suggested revision of the sidebar, to be enacted by an admin if the general community provides support for the notion.

Welcome to the Occupy Boston Wiki!

Wiki.OccupyBoston.org is a collaborative, autonomous, and informative space dedicated to Occupy Boston. This wiki is maintained by thoughtful individuals with the belief that unrestricted access to information promotes transparency and participation, strengthening the foundation for a mutually responsible community. As authors, we want to not only create the most compelling content, but also organize it in the most intuitive manner. Use the Help pages to become acquainted with the wiki format.

Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, which may be seen as a consequence of the same inspirations that birthed the Arab Spring. In the aim of equalizing the power of individual voices, we employ a direct democracy.

Read Occupy Boston's Declaration of Occupation, consented by the General Assembly on 29 November 2011

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What is Solidarity?

Solidarity can be defined as 'a unifying bond between individuals with a common goal or enemy'. Émile Durkheim's definition strongly supports the meaning of the Occupation: "[S]ocial solidarity is maintained in more complex societies through the interdependence of its component parts (e.g., farmers produce the food to feed the factory workers who produce the tractors that allow the farmer to produce the food)."[1]


Help us build a superstructure of knowledge. Our community relies on every individual.


Please contact the Media working group via their Google Group to Update this Calendar. [This contact may require an update]

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Under Construction

Please be patient as we work to make this the best possible collaborative space for Occupy Boston.

Thank you!