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Welcome to the Occupy Boston Wiki!

Wiki.OccupyBoston.org is a collaborative, autonomous, and informative space dedicated to Occupy Boston. This wiki is maintained by thoughtful individuals with the belief that unrestricted access to information promotes transparency and participation, strengthening the foundation for a mutually responsible community. As authors, we want to not only create the most compelling content, but also organize it in the most intuitive manner. New to wiki editing? Learning is quick and easy! See the detailed help pages.

NOTE anyone is welcome to create an account on the wiki. If you'd like to edit pages, please ask obit(AT)occupyboston.org to make you an editor. Sorry for the inconvenience of this extra step, but it helps keep the wiki free of posts about Replica watches, Louis Vitton Bags, and cheap aluminum siding.

Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, which may be seen as a consequence of the same inspirations that birthed the Arab Spring. In the aim of equalizing the power of individual voices, we employ a direct democracy.

Read Occupy Boston's Declaration of Occupation, consented by the General Assembly on 29 November 2011

What is Solidarity?

Solidarity can be defined as 'a unifying bond between individuals with a common goal or enemy'. Émile Durkheim's definition strongly supports the meaning of the Occupation: "[S]ocial solidarity is maintained in more complex societies through the interdependence of its component parts (e.g., farmers produce the food to feed the factory workers who produce the tractors that allow the farmer to produce the food)."[1]


Help us build a superstructure of knowledge. Our community relies on every individual.

LOTS of WAYS to Participate!

To allow people to work on other things, besides managing money and/or fundraising, Occupy Boston decided, at General Assembly, to dissolve its finances, given its money away to various worthy actions. But for those who have extra money and want to donate, we set up this page to allow people to add their actions and for money to seek its way to where people want it.